GHKPM 18th March 2023 Written Update Desperate Virat

GHKPM 18th March 2023 Written Update Desperate Virat

GHKPM 18th March 2023 Written Update Desperate Virat. Sai returns to Chavan’s house to meet her son Vinayak. Pakhi taunts her for coming back. She tells that Virat has convinced her. Sai tells that Virat isn’t here to welcome her, he didn’t convince her, she has just come to check on Vinayak and help him. She tells that she doesn’t have much time. She rushes to meet Vinayak. She gets emotional. She asks him what happened to him suddenly when he got unwell. He tells about Virat and Pakhi’s ugly fight and how Pakhi got injured. He cries revealing how sorrowful he felt. Sai feels worried. Vinayak tells that he fell and his legs started shaking. Sai knows that Vinayak is in shock, and Virat doesn’t even realize this. Vinayak asks her to save him from this trouble.

He requests she unites his parents and not let them get separated. He wants his family to get saved from breaking. He tells that he loves his family. He doesn’t want his parents to split. Sai assures that she will fix everything. He makes her promise. Virat gets desperate to meet Sai. He reaches the location mentioned by her and waits for Sai. Ashwini asks Sai when will Vinayak get fine. Sai tells that Vinayak will get well soon. Ashwini enquires about Savi and Sai. Sai tells that they are okay. She feels strange that Ashwini wanted her to leave the house and now she is worried for her.


Ashwini reminds the time when she regarded Sai her daughter. Sai tells that the past can’t come back. She remembers the time that was best for her. She knows Ashwini worries for Pakhi and loves her a lot. Ashwini explains her stand to Sai. She tells that it’s her duty to support Pakhi. She adds that she loves Virat and Sai. Sai tells that she has no problem with Ashwini’s love for Pakhi. She feels bad about Ashwini’s rude behavior. Ashwini tells Sai that she knew Sai’s presence will affect Virat and Pakhi’s marriage. She explains that Virat and Pakhi’s relationship is breaking forever.

She blames Sai for becoming the reason for their divorce. She knows Sai didn’t wish to break anyone’s family. She is proud of Sai. She tells that she has seen Virat’s love and passion for Sai. Sai tells that she will never return to Virat. She doesn’t want their relationship to end. She tells that she is leaving the city. Ashwini tells that Virat loves Sai a lot and he will run after her all his life, he will find her from anywhere because he knows Sai loves him, there is no one in Sai’s life and Virat’s hopes are high because of this reason. She feels Virat will never accept Pakhi now. Virat tries to call Sai.

He realizes that she planned to divert him away from home. He rushes from the place. Sai promises Ashwini that she will keep her promise to her son, Vinayak’s family will not break and he will get fine. Ashwini thanks her. Satya calls up Sai and tells her about her new job in Mumbai. She thanks him. He tells that he didn’t know their journey is so short, but life can make them meet again. Virat comes home and asks Ashwini if Sai had come. Ashwini tells that Sai had come to meet Vinayak. He runs to Vinayak and asks him what did Sai say. Vinayak tells that Sai promised to make him fine. Virat asks what else she said, did Savi come to see him? Vinayak says no. Virat tells that Sai fooled him, but he will not lose so soon. He appeals to Sai to meet him once.


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