Preeta’s twist in Kundali Bhagya 20th April 2023 Written Update

Preeta's twist in Kundali Bhagya 20th April 2023 Written Update

Preeta’s twist in Kundali Bhagya 20th April 2023 Written Update. Rajveer takes care of Shaurya just because of Preeta’s sake. He doesn’t know that Preeta has withdrawn the case and got Shaurya released. He tells that he is taking care of Shaurya, just because his Maasi has told him. Shaurya says that he doesn’t like Rajveer’s sweet behavior. Rajveer says that even he doesn’t want to behave sweetly. Shaurya thanks him and asks him not to behave like an elder brother. Rajveer tells that he has no interest in Shaurya. Shaurya asks if is he happy now. Rajveer tells that Shaurya can never make him happy. Shaurya tells that he isn’t born to make Rajveer happy. Rajveer asks him to stop his nonsense. He adds that Shaurya looks better when he is silent. Shaurya returns the same compliment to Rajveer. Rajveer tells that he is glad to see Shaurya coming home by respecting Preeta’s word.

Shaurya says that he has come just for Preeta’s sake. Shaurya doesn’t see Karan’s picture that falls near his foot. Rajveer comes back and picks up the picture and papers. Preeta gets haldi lep for Shaurya’s wound. She makes Shaurya stay comfortable in her house. She finds Rajveer and Shaurya exchanging angry stares. She tells that she can see them giving looks to each other. She asks them to end their enmity and shake hands. She tells that they don’t have any enmity. Karan goes to Shaurya’s room to meet him and finds the door locked from the inside. Nidhi asks him does he want something or talk to Shaurya. He tells that he has come to speak to Shaurya.


Preeta’s twist in Kundali Bhagya 20th April 2023 Written Update:

Shaurya sees the papers fallen and doesn’t care. Rajveer tells Mohit that he is happy, he just doesn’t like Shaurya, but he doesn’t hate him. Mohit asks what’s the difference between hatred and dislike. Rajveer thinks he hates Karan for doing so wrong with Preeta and ruining her life. Mohit goes to see Shaurya. Shaurya lifts the dumbbells. Mohit tells that he has set up the gym at home. Shaurya shows his biceps to Mohit. Mohit asks Shaurya to teach him weight training and bodybuilding. Shaurya tells that he isn’t interested. Mohit gets upset.

Shaurya sits on the bed and finds it very uncomfortable. He wonders how one can sleep on the bed. Mohit comes back to argue with him. Shaurya jokes on him by telling an apt proverb. Mohit tells that he isn’t interested in making a good body. Shaurya makes fun of him and laughs. He asks Mohit to keep trying. Preeta likes to see Shaurya laughing. She asks him to always keep laughing, he looks good when he laughs and he should be happy. She asks him to have the Haldi milk. Shaurya refuses. She tells that she isn’t asking for his preferences, he has to drink the haldi milk because it’s for his health, and then he can go home.

Shaurya drinks the haldi milk. She tells that she can’t give him any medicines for his wound because he can’t take medicines on an empty stomach. She asks him to have food. He asks her not to force him to have food because nobody forces him at home. She asks him to take one bite and leave it if he doesn’t like it. She feeds Shaurya with her hands. She wins him with her love. Shaurya likes the food. Rajveer tells that Preeta makes the world’s best food. He asks Shaurya to have the food and leave. She asks him not to fight with Shaurya, who is already hurt. He tells that Shaurya can eat the food with his own hands.

Shaurya says that he won’t eat it with his own hands. He asks Preeta to feed him. Preeta happily feeds him the food. She asks Rajveer to go and get the antiseptic for cleaning Shaurya’s wound. Shaurya gets emotional and tells that he feels his mother is feeding him the food. Rajveer knows the truth about their relationship and turns emotional. Shaurya loves the food. Gurpreet finds Rajveer staring at Shaurya with anger. She asks Mohit why is he upset. Mohit tells that Preeta has adopted him and he is also her son. He also feels jealous seeing Preeta and Shaurya.

Preeta gives the medicines to Shaurya and the aid to his wound. She tells that he will be okay soon. Shaurya screams and tells that he is not used to this. She tells that it’s important for healing and he should tolerate a little pain. Shaurya and Preeta talk. Rajveer gets worried seeing their bonding. Preeta cares for Shaurya. She tells that she will apply the haldi lep to Shaurya. Rajveer tells that he will do it. Preeta doesn’t think Rajveer can manage. She applies the lep to Shaurya’s wound and relieves his pain. Shaurya turns emotional and sees a motherly figure in her.

She asks Rajveer and Shaurya to end their fight and enmity, they can become brothers instead enemies. She asks them to shake hands and become friends. Shaurya gets angry with Rajveer. Preeta tells that they both are stubborn. She goes to attend a call. She asks them not to fight again. Rajveer asks Shaurya to leave his house. Palki reaches there to meet Preeta. She meets Rajveer and gives Preeta’s saree. Shaurya and Palki recall their first meeting. Palki asks Shaurya what is he doing here. Shaurya tells that she had stopped his car. He asks if they all stay in the same locality. He taunts them.

He tells Rajveer that the game isn’t over and he doesn’t leave any game. He departs from there. Palki asks Rajveer how he knows Shaurya. She cares for him and asks him not to indulge in any fights. She wants him to take care of himself. He asks her if she cares for him. She asks about Preeta and goes. Karan goes towards Shaurya’s room. Nidhi wants to stop him. She tells that Karan shouldn’t know about Shaurya’s absence. Karan asks why did Shaurya lock the room. She hinders him. He tells that he wants to talk to Shaurya. Nidhi tries a romantic trick to send Karan away from there.

Karan asks what’s the matter. She lies that Shaurya is sleeping. She asks him to talk to Shaurya later. Karan asks her to send Shaurya to his room when he wakes up. She agrees. Nidhi tells that Karan thinks of everyone, except her, even when he knows she loves him a lot. She wants Karan to love her because she is the best. Shaurya gets to think of Palki. He wonders why is he thinking about Palki. He tells that Palki was at Preeta’s place. Mahesh tells Karan that Sanjeev is his old friend and doctor. Sanjeev tells that they have met after a long time. Mahesh asks Sanjeev to have a cup of tea with him.

Karan attends Sanjeev. Sanjeev tells Karan that he didn’t wish to tell this before. He warns him about Bani’s health. He asks him to suggest a physiotherapist or a junior doctor take care of Bani. Karan asks him to suggest a good doctor. Sanjeev thinks of suggesting Palki’s name. Shaurya finds Preeta a nice person. He thinks about why Preeta has a hold on him. He wonders why he obeys Preeta when he doesn’t obey anyone else. He doesn’t understand why he is getting convinced by Preeta, who isn’t his mother.


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