3 Top Spoilers Imlie Pandya Store Maitree

3 Top Spoilers Imlie Pandya Store Maitree

3 Top Spoilers Imlie Pandya Store Maitree. Pandyas have a rocking time at Krish and Prerna’s Sangeet function. Gautam, Dev, and Shiva dance with Prerna’s father on the stage. The Pandya women also shake a leg and perform Garba. They give amazing performances in the Sangeet function. Suman hugs her Bahus. She misses Dhara, who is secretly keeping a watch on Krish’s marriage functions. Dhara protects Krish and Prerna from Shweta’s evil. Shweta goes to steal the money. She hides her identity from the Pandyas. Dhara is also in a disguise to mislead Shweta. Shweta manages to steal the money. She has the plan to change the bride and take Prerna’s place in the mandap. She wants to marry Krish and get back into the Pandya family. Dhara wants to fail Shweta in her conspiracies. She promises to get Krish married to Prerna.



Atharv is shocked to see Rudra’s truth. He learns that Dhairya is also Rudra’s son. Cheeni makes this revelation by bringing Dhairya and his mother home. Imlie didn’t tell the truth to anyone, but Cheeni exposes Rudra’s truth to the family. She tells Atharv that Imlie already knew this truth so she got Dhairya and Kala home. She adds that she is proud of Imlie. The family doubts Imlie’s intentions. Devika questions Rudra about Kala. She asks him if it’s true. Cheeni creates drama in the family. Atharv gets angry and asks Imlie when she knew it. He counts her mistakes and rebukes her. Atharv and Imlie get into a heated argument.


Maitree asks Ashish’s dad to steal the tablet from Vasundara’s room. He gets it by difficulty. Nandini shows the video to Ashish. Ashish is shocked to see the video captured to record their conversation. She tells that Vasundara had made a big plan. He tells her that he will show the video to Nandini. Nandini gets tired of handling Nandish and tells that it’s a tough job to handle kids. Vasundara tells that it’s tough when a woman doesn’t have her husband’s support. She taunts her about Ashish.


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