4 Twists in Kundali Bhagya Udaariyaan Agnisakshi

4 Twists in Kundali Bhagya Udaariyaan Agnisakshi

4 Twists in Kundali Bhagya Udaariyaan Agnisakshi Karan takes Bani and Kareena to the temple. He tells that he will not be stepping inside the temple after he has lost his belief. He drops them off and decides to leave for the office. Karan feels Preeta around and stops there. Preeta is also at the temple. She gets to see Karan there and feels some connection with her. She has no memories of Karan. Khurana asks Palki to step back from the engagement if she wants. Palki doesn’t want to upset Daljeet. Khurana finds Rajveer a nice guy and thinks Palki deserved someone like Rajveer.



Jeevika understands Satvik’s annoyance. He says that he is upset with himself. She asks the reason. He admits his mistake. He tells that he can’t keep emotions and business together. He adds that he will always take a stand for her respect. She thanks him for thinking so much for her. She asks him to talk to Dad about the matter. He tells that he got habitual to his dad’s behavior. He regrets that she has to go home after a few days. He knows his dad will never understand. He tells that he will express his feelings to himself.

Ghum Hain Kisikey Pyaar Mein:

Bhavani apologizes to Sai from Virat’s side. Sai shocks the family by breaking her marriage decision with Satya. She tells Ninad that she has come to take Savi. He doesn’t permit her. The NGO women come there to help Sai take her daughter from the Chavan family. Satya and Sai inform Satya’s family that they are getting married. Amba happily welcomes Sai into the family. Sai reveals about her daughter and shocks Amba.


A new entry of Sartaj Kanwal Singh will be seen. He tells that everyone is in a hurry in life, life is just a deal, nobody understands love and so he believes in deals rather than relationships. Sartaj will bring love into Nehmat’s life. Ekam’s love for Nehmat will also get back on his mind after the new guy enters her life.


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