YRKKH 25th April 2023 Written Update Big twist

YRKKH 25th April 2023 Written Update Big twist

YRKKH 25th April 2023 Written Update Big twist Abhimanyu answers Manjiri that nothing is more important to him than Abhir. She questions him to know the reason, but he doesn’t reveal anything. She grows worried. She wishes Akshara left their lives. She feels Akshara has cheated her once again and made Abhimanyu away from the family. Anand asks her not to jump to any conclusion. Mahima wonders what is going on that Abhimanyu has postponed the marriage. Anand tells that he will speak to Abhimanyu and try to know the matter. Aarohi panics that Abhimanyu has learned Abhir’s truth. Abhimanyu recollects Akshara’s words. Abhinav tells Akshara that he got everything without asking for it, and Abhimanyu had lost everything. He wonders if Abhimanyu would be happy to know that Abhir is his child, but he would be sorrowful that someone had hidden the truth from him. He feels his heart out for Abhimanyu.

He wants to speak to Abhimanyu. He tells Akshara that they can’t imagine what Abhimanyu is going through. She tells him that things will get tough for them as well. She doesn’t know if anyone will snatch their son. He tells that they will talk to Abhimanyu and handle this matter. She knows they are friends, but she is scared that Abhinav will leave Abhir and her again. He tells that he isn’t feeling guilty and he doesn’t want to go away from them. He adds that nobody can change the truth that Abhimanyu is Abhir’s dad.


She knows Abhinav is a nice man so he is worrying about Abhimanyu. Abhinav tells that they can’t leave Abhimanyu alone. She tells that she knows how Abhimanyu ruins things when he gets angry. He worries about Abhimanyu’s pain. He isn’t scared of Abhimanyu’s anger and hatred. He is too selfless. He thinks much more of Abhimanyu than his own life. He tells Akshara that they can’t lose Abhir, and also Abhimanyu. He is grateful to Abhimanyu for always standing for Abhir. Akshara is scared of Abhinav’s generosity, which can cost them a lot. Abhinav calls Abhimanyu, who starts hating the former. He leaves a voice note for Abhimanyu.

He asks Akshara to not step back and just fight the situation. Abhimanyu and Akshara cry in pain. Abhinav tries to reach out to Abhimanyu. On the other hand, Kairav and Muskaan unpack Abhir’s stuff. He tells that fate doesn’t want Abhir and Abhimanyu to get away. He saves Muskaan and gets hurt. She realizes his care. She tells that he is really good-hearted. Abhimanyu waits for Abhir at the hospital. Akshara and Abhinav get Abhir for the check-up. Abhimanyu gets delighted to see Abhir. He gifts a pendant to Abhir and tells him that it’s the same as his one. Abhir tells that he has to get fine and go back to Kasauli. Abhimanyu tells that Abhir will always stay in Udaipur from now. He taunts Abhinav for keeping someone else’s thing with him. Akshara taunts him back and tells him that it was his mistake.

Abhinav tries to speak to Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu doesn’t listen. Ruhi cries to get Abhimanyu’s time and attention. She asks Manjiri if Abhimanyu has refused to marry Aarohi. Manjiri tells that he just wants some time. Ruhi is scared that he will never marry. Manjiri has the same fear. She calls Abhimanyu, but he stays engaged in work. Akshara attends Abhir. They come across Aarohi, who confronts Akshara for not going away. Aarohi asks her why didn’t she go to the US. Akshara has no answer. She wonders what are Abhinav and Abhimanyu talking about. Abhinav asks Abhimanyu to scold him and yell at him, but not walk away. Abhimanyu wants to avoid him. He gets angered at Abhinav and pushes him away. Abhinav owes him an explanation. Abhinav and Abhimanyu have a clash during Abhir’s birthday party. Abhimanyu accuses Abhinav of stealing his son.


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