YRKKH 27th April 2023 Written Update Ultimatum

YRKKH 27th April 2023 Written Update Ultimatum

YRKKH 27th April 2023 Written Update Ultimatum. Akshara feeds the sweets to Abhinav. Manish tells Akshara that he has to discuss something important. Akshara asks Abhir to go upstairs. Kairav tells that it’s an office matter and that elders need to discuss it. They send Abhir and laugh. They tell Akshara and Abhinav about arranging a surprise birthday party for Abhir. They want to make Abhir’s first birthday in Goenka’s house very special. Dadi tells that they will make it very special for Abhir. Abhir tells Ruhi that nobody remembers his birthday. She asks him not to worry, she will fix his broken heart. She assures them that she will make his birthday special.

The family gears up to prepare for Akshara’s birthday. Kairav and Muskaan have a talk. Muskaan tells that she has no boyfriend because she just likes to study. He asks her to spare some time and make a boyfriend. Surekha gets angry seeing them. Swarna asks Surekha to do her work. Ruhi calls Akshara and asks about Abhir’s birthday. Akshara invites Ruhi to Abhir’s surprise birthday party. Ruhi agrees to come. Abhimanyu overhears this and weeps. He decides to celebrate his son’s birthday. He wants to make the day special. Akshara and Abhinav see the stormy weather. He tells that storms occur on Abhir’s every birthday.


She is scared of another storm. Abhimanyu tells that he will go and meet Abhir. He also prepares the gifts, as Abhir’s parents do. Akshara reminds Abhinav of the old times. She tells that she wants to celebrate Abhir’s birthday in their house. He assures that they will be home soon. He encourages her. Abhimanyu writes a note from his heart. Manjiri isn’t happy to learn about Abhir’s birthday. Aarohi wonders if Abhimanyu knows it or not. She refuses to go out with Ruhi. The Birla family makes excuses and avoids going to the birthday. Ruhi gets adamant to attend Abhir’s birthday. Abhir runs downstairs and expects everyone to wish him. He finds the family busy. He wishes that his birthday gets special. He goes back to his room.

Abhinav tells that Abhir does much drama. The family decides to surprise him. Abhir gets a surprise from Abhimanyu. Ruhi and Manjiri join the Goenkas’ surprise party. They call Aarohi and ask her to spare some time for Abhir’s birthday. Surekha taunts Manjiri about Abhimanyu valuing Akshara’s son so much. She tells that Aarohi would feel bad. Manjiri gets upset and tells her that they will go home after the cake-cutting. Akshara asks her to let Ruhi spend time with Abhir.


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