2 Epic twists in Anupama 28th April 2023 Written Update

2 Epic twists in Anupama 28th April 2023 Written Update

2 Epic twists in Anupama 28th April 2023 Written Update. Pakhi meets Anuj and Anu. Maya sends off Anu to school. Barkha calls up Maya. Maya thinks it’s too late. Pakhi asks Maya to speak to Barkha and continue her planning. She tells Anuj that she needs to talk to her. Anuj asks her if she told the family about her trip. She tells that she has told Kinjal. Leela asks why did Pakhi go to Anuj. Kinjal tells that Pakhi wants to unite Anuj and Anupama. Dimpy comes and taunts Samar that Pakhi also finds Anuj right. Samar yells at her for breaking the marriage. Dimpy tells that he should have not told the family about their fight. He tells that Anuj will not come to their marriage, because he has hurt Anupama a lot. Anupama calls Pakhi. Pakhi answers the call on speaker.

Anuj hears Anupama’s voice on the call. Anupama asks Pakhi is she okay. She asks her to go to Kapadia’s house and get her documents to open the new dance academy. She tells that she doesn’t want to visit Kapadia’s house. Pakhi tells that she has come to meet Anuj and he is listening to their conversation. Leela asks Dimpy not to misbehave with her. She asks Dimpy not to expect anything from them. She tells that Samar is still ready to marry Dimpy, and Anuj won’t be a part of the marriage. Vanraj asks Dimpy to forget the marriage if she wants to invite Anuj. Dimpy tells that she wants Anuj to perform her kanyadaan.


She explains that her parents don’t take her responsibility. She reminds how Anuj had saved Anupama and Samar’s lives and had supported Samar with a loan also. Vanraj asks Samar to return the money to Anuj. Dimpy tells that Anuj has done many favors for them. Kinjal asks how will Dimpy pay Anupama’s favor. She counts Anupama’s favors on Dimpy. Dimpy tells that she doesn’t want to argue. Samar tells that he has already answered. Vanraj tells that Anuj’s chapter is over in their lives. Anupama asks Pakhi why did she go to meet Anuj. Pakhi tells that she wanted to question Anuj and speak to him face to face.

Anupama asks her not to fight with Anuj, who is already much worried. Anuj hears her and weeps. Pakhi asks Anupama not to worry. Anupama asks her to take care and come back safely. Anuj feels a longing. Vanraj tells that the family is there to help Anupama. Dimpy tells Kinjal that she can’t balance lives like Anupama and Kinjal. Samar asks her to stop misbehaving with Kinjal. Dimpy tells that she loves Samar a lot and wants to marry him, but Anuj will be there. Samar doesn’t feel Anuj has a right to come to his marriage when he made Anupama cry a lot. Dimpy tells that Vanraj also has no right to come because he cheated on Anupama. Leela asks her to get lost. Dimpy asks Samar if his decision is final.

She leaves when he stays silent. Vanraj and Leela feel Dimpy isn’t deserving of Samar. Kavya asks them not to forget anyone’s favors. Vanraj asks her to leave. Hasmukh takes a stand for Kavya. Anupama asks Pakhi is Anuj okay. Pakhi tells that he is okay. She asks Maya to excuse them. Hasmukh tells that Kavya is right. Kavya tells Leela that Anupama will never return to Vanraj, even if Anuj doesn’t come back. She lectures Leela for trying to get Anupama. She asks Leela and Vanraj to understand Samar’s pain.

She calls them selfish. Vanraj is worried that Pakhi can get Anuj back. Pakhi reminds Anuj that he came to convince her once, and now she has come. She tells him that he understands love in the best way. She asks him how can he leave the love for which he fought the world. She tells Maya that Barkha and she can never separate Anuj and Anupama, who complete each other. She tells that Anuj’s anger has love hidden in it. She shows Anupama’s pictures to remind their best memories.

Anuj gets helpless to pick the pictures and see Anupama. He cries. Pakhi tells Anuj that his love is seen in his eyes. She adds that Anupama isn’t at fault, and the people around them are at fault. She asks Anuj not to give Barkha and Maya a chance to separate Anupama and him. She tells that Anuj has regarded Anupama wrong when he always supported and understood her. She asks Anuj to understand Anupama. Anuj calls up Vanraj and tells that he is coming back into Anupama’s life because he loves her. Anupama gets delighted to hear this.


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