Anupama 30th April 2023 Written Update Good news

Anupama 30th April 2023 Written Update Good news

Anupama 30th April 2023 Written Update Good news. Vanraj tells Hasmukh that the family doesn’t need Anuj and Dimpy in their lives. Anupama and Samar come home. She asks Vanraj who is he to decide about her life and marriage. She doesn’t give the right to anyone. She tells that she has come to talk about Samar and Dimpy’s marriage. Vanraj tells that Dimpy is breaking the marriage. Leela tells that Dimpy is ill-mannered. She asks Anupama to tell her if she is wrong. Anupama tells that they know Samar loves Dimpy a lot. She worries about her son’s heartbreak and pain. Vanraj tells that Dimpy wants to invite Anuj into the marriage because they can’t forgive the latter for wronging Anupama’s life.

He adds that Anupama will get hurt seeing Anuj. Anupama asks why he decides on her emotions, joy, and sorrow. She doesn’t want him to interfere in her relationship. She tells that Anuj is her husband and she will sort out the problems. She adds that she didn’t come to complain to Shahs and cry. She blasts her anger at Vanraj. She tells that he can’t judge her. She expresses her love for Anuj. She tells that she is hurt seeing Vanraj and that he shouldn’t come in front of her. She wants them to talk about Samar and Dimpy.


She adds that they should try and save their relationship, it’s okay if Dimpy wants to invite Anuj in the marriage and they should support her. She asks why they have a problem with Anuj. Leela tells that Anuj did wrong with Anupama. Anupama taunts back Leela and Vanraj for wronging her life. Vanraj tells that he can see Anupama’s pain in her eyes. She asks him to see her son’s pain in his eyes. She lectures Vanraj. She decides that Anuj will come to the marriage function if Dimpy wants. She asks Samar how can he break the marriage for a small issue. Samar doesn’t want to hurt Anupama.

She tells that it’s easy to make a relationship and save it from breaking. She asks them to stop blaming Anuj for everything. She asks Samar to patch up with Dimpy. She tells him that Anuj isn’t the reason for her sorrow. She is positive about her life situation. She praises Anuj as a life partner. She feels he is a gem at heart. She asks Samar to meet Dimpy. Leela finds Dimpy at the door. Anupama tells Dimpy that she has explained to Samar to patch up with her and invite Anuj into the marriage. Vanraj gets Anuj’s call and wonders what’s the matter. He tells that he will not take Anuj’s call.

He doesn’t want to hear Anuj’s lecture after hearing Anupama’s lecture. Anupama worries when he refuses to take the call. She answers the call and makes Vanraj speak to Anuj. Anuj asks Vanraj not to break Samar and Dimpy’s marriage because of Anupama and his fight. He tells that Anupama and he will decide and solve their issues. He adds that Pakhi has come to meet him and she has cleared his mind. He accepts his mistake of hurting Anupama. He wants to repent for it. He admits that he will always love Anupama. Anupama gets glad to hear this. Anuj tells that he won’t let Samar and Dimpy’s marriage break. Maya is tense upon hearing Anuj’s words for Anupama. Anuj tells that he is guilty of giving sorrow to Anupama.

He expresses his emotions. He adds that he wants to meet Anupama and apologize, but he is lacking the courage to face her. He assures them that he will come back soon. Anupama gets delighted. Anuj tells that he will explain to Dimpy and not become a part of the marriage if Vanraj wants to, but the marriage must happen. He asks Vanraj to convey his message to Anupama that he is coming back, he loves Anupama a lot and he will fix everything. Anupama is filled with joy. Maya receives a shock. Pakhi is glad that her efforts worked. Anuj confesses his love for Anupama. Anupama tells Kanta that Anuj will come back soon. Vanraj wants to remove Anuj from Anupama’s life. Maya also gears up to stop Anuj from returning to Anupama.


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