Bhagya Lakshmi 1st May 2023 Written Update Risky dare

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st May 2023 Written Update Risky dare

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st May 2023 Written Update Risky dare. Virender tells Ahana and Neelam that the terrorists are dangerous if they have entered the ministry office. Lakshmi goes to defuse the bomb. She follows the instructions from the bomb squad. Malishka tells Sonal that one knows about the person he loves is in trouble when the love is true. She asks if Rishi has fallen in true love with Lakshmi. She fears accepting the truth. Ayush bashes the terrorists and asks how dare he beat Ayush’s Shalu. Shalu is stunned to see Ayush’s love for her. Lakshmi cuts the wire of the bomb, while Badru shoots at Rishi.

Karishma tells Dadi that the matter is very sensitive and many people are stuck with Dayasagar. Dadi worries for Lakshmi, Rishi, and Shalu. She tells that even Virender and Neelam have gone there. Virender and Neelam return home and inform us that they couldn’t reach the ministry. Vikrant learns about Lakshmi. He tells that he also went to save Lakshmi, but didn’t get an entry. He informs that Ayush has entered the ministry office by tricking the police.


Karishma grows worried for her son. She hopes that Ayush saves Lakshmi and Rishi. Shalu and Ayush argue. Ayush gets into a fight with the terrorist. Shalu attempts to help Ayush but ends up hitting him by mistake. Ayush asks Shalu what she wants to do. Shalu apologizes for losing her focus. Ayush asks her to decide on whose side she wants to get. She calls it his mistake. Lakshmi gets afraid for Rishi’s life. Dayasagar encourages her to stay strong and fight the terrorists. How will Lakshmi save Rishi and herself, along with others? Keep reading for a full written update on your favorite show, Bhagya Lakshmi 1st May 2023 when the episode gets available on Zee5.

Bhagya Lakshmi 1st May 2023 Written Update Risky dare:

Lakshmi tells that she will not lose and will save everyone’s lives. Secretary informs the police that Dayasagar is the target of the terrorists. Inspector tells that they are still making a plan of action. Secretary asks him to take action soon, else many lives are at stake. He tells that he will take the situation into his hands if the police don’t help. Inspector assures that they are trying their best. Virender and Neelam stay worried for Rishi, Lakshmi, and Ayush. Vikrant calls his friend and tells that his family member is stuck at the ministry office. He requests Rahul to get information about Rishi and Lakshmi. He tries to relieve Virender and his family. He asks Dadi not to worry.

Virender tells that the terrorists are dangerous. Neelam remembers Lakshmi’s Kundali threat. She stays tense. Lakshmi tells the secretary that it’s important to save the people’s lives. She adds that they can take the help of the bomb squad and try to defuse the bomb. She tells that she will take the risk and try to fix the wrong. Secretary agrees that they have no other option left. She gets the bomb in her hand and stays worried. She prays that everything goes fine. Sonal asks Malishka that they should pray for Rishi’s safety. Malishka is angered that Rishi had gone to save Lakshmi. She asks if Rishi loves Lakshmi, that he sensed her in trouble. Rishi is attacked by Badru.

Badru shoots a man and tells that it’s better if an enemy dies than lose. He threatens the inspector and takes the gun from him. Ayush and Shalu tie up a terrorist. Ayush tells that Rishi and Lakshmi will not leave anyone. Shalu scolds the terrorist and slaps him. Ayush consoles Shalu. He slaps the terrorist for making Shalu cry. He takes a stand for Shalu. She gets glad. Vikrant gets his mom’s call. She enquires about Lakshmi. He tells that she would be okay. She adds that she has made a prayer for Lakshmi’s safety. She asks him to call her when he knows something. Rahul calls Vikrant and gives the bad news of the two bullets shot. Vikrant tells that they shouldn’t jump to conclusions and the news might not be wrong. He asks Oberois not to worry.

Virender understands that Vikrant is right, they shouldn’t believe such news and worry. Karishma tells him that she will go and stay with Neelam. Sonia doesn’t want to blame Lakshmi in front of Vikrant. She feels Vikrant won’t marry Lakshmi if she calls her inauspicious. She tells that Neelam will get stress free when Rishi, Ayush, and Lakshmi come back home. Ahana asks Dadi not to worry and trust Lakshmi. She praises Lakshmi who always think of others first. Secretary calls the bomb squad officer and asks for his help. The officer asks if someone can follow the instructions and defuse the bomb.

Secretary asks Lakshmi to speak to the officer. Lakshmi follows the instructions. The man gives her a knife to cut the wire. Lakshmi asks them to step back. She cuts the wire. She tells that the light got off in the bomb and it got defused. Everyone applauds Lakshmi for defusing the bomb. Dayasagar meets Badru and asks him to defuse the bomb and let everyone go out. Badru tells that someone has already defused the bomb. Dayasagar refuses to give the evidence. Rishi finds Badru relaxed and wonders what’s the catch.


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