Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2023 Written Update Betrayal

Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2023 Written Update Betrayal

Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2023 Written Update Betrayal twist. Ranbir tells the family that he has to find Balbeer so that Khushi stays safe. He adds that Balbeer would have gone to Laali’s house. Akshay wants to accompany Ranbir, but the latter asks him to stay back with Prachi. He doesn’t want to put Akshay in danger. He asks Akshay to stay at the hospital. Akshay doesn’t want Ranbir to go alone. He tells that he can’t let Ranbir fall under threat. Ranbir convinces him to stay back. Ranbir goes to Laali’s house to catch Balbeer and warn him. Balbeer meets Laali and fakes love. He hugs and apologizes to her. He accepts his mistakes. He tells that he will always be with her.

Ranbir watches them. Laali pretends innocent in front of Ranbir. She tells that Balbeer was attacking her. Ranbir tells that Balbeer’s game is over and police are arriving soon to arrest the goons. Laali watches Ranbir fighting Balbeer. Laali supports Balbeer and his friends. She hits Ranbir on his head and faints him. Ranbir falls unconscious. Laali tells that she loves Balbeer and she can never cheat him. She betrays Prachi and Ranbir.


She apologizes to Ranbir and tells him that she has no personal enmity with him, but she can never go against Balbeer, who she loves a lot. She tells that she can do anything in the world but can never cheat Balbeer. Balbeer is glad and thinks he has fooled Laali. He worries that Ranbir has died. Laali tells that Ranbir is still alive. She assists Balbeer in escaping. Balbeer asks Laali to come along with him. She tells that she will get Khushi from the hospital. Ranbir’s life falls in danger. Will Prachi reach Ranbir and rescue him? Keep reading for a full update on Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 1st May 2023 Written Update Betrayal:

Prachi asks Ranbir not to go because she needs him and Panchi also needs him. He asks her what did she say. She tells that Khushi needs him. He tells that they see Panchi in Khushi, who they love dearly. She asks him not to go. He tells that if he doesn’t go, then Balbeer can come here. He doesn’t want to listen to her. She tells that Khushi needs him more. Ranbir leaves. Rhea asks her about the matter. Prachi tells that Ranbir shouldn’t go to deal with dangerous criminals. She worries for him. She calls Ranbir careless and irresponsible. Rhea asks her to calm down. She tells that Prachi and Ranbir are similar, and always get angry. She asks her to peacefully resolve the issue. Prachi asks how can she sit calmly. Rhea tells that they will go after Ranbir and help him.

She asks Prachi not to worry about Khushi. They rush to help Ranbir. Balbeer brings Wilson and the goons to Laali’s house. Wilson reminds that he is Balbeer’s boss. Balbeer tells that Wilson can’t dominate him in his place. Laali finds the goons in her house and asks them to leave. Ranbir tells that he will not spare Balbeer this time. He angrily tells that he will kill him. Rhea calls Ranbir and asks where is he. He asks if is everything fine. She tells that she just left the hospital. He asks her to get back to the hospital. Prachi tells that she is also angry at this time. She calls Laali. Laali argues with Wilson, and the conversation gets overheard by them. Ranbir learns that the goons are at Laali’s place. He drives to Laali’s house. Wilson breaks Laali’s phone. Laali rebukes him. Balbeer tells that Laali is his girlfriend.

Prachi tells that Ranbir will not listen to anyone now and will go to Balbeer. Rhea informs the Inspector that Balbeer, Wilson, and the goons are at Laali’s house. Balbeer tells Wilson that he should talk to Laali with respect. Laali gets glad to see his love. Wilson asks Balbeer to come to his senses. He tells that he will not help Balbeer if the latter doesn’t listen. Balbeer laughs and tells that Wilson is also a goon like them. He shows Laali who tricked the police and rescued them. He values Laali. Wilson apologizes to Laali. She forgives him and asks him to give her respect.

Ranbir reaches them and shouts at them. Laali starts acting upon seeing Ranbir. Ranbir takes the knife from her hand and threatens the police. Laali hits on Ranbir’s head and faints him. She tells that she can never cheat Balbeer. Wilson asks Balbeer to take Ranbir with them. They flee from the back door. Prachi and Rhea come with the police and find the house vacant. Akshay tells Ashok that he was going to check where Prachi and Ranbir go. Vikram tells that he knows Ranbir well. He asks Akshay not to go anywhere and stay with them. Akshay asks them not to worry. Vikram tells that Prachi might have gone to stop Ranbir, but he will not stop. Ashok asks Vikram how does he know Ranbir.

Vikram tells that Prachi lived with them for a few years. Akshay tells that he doesn’t want to do any mistake that hurts Prachi, so he wanted to know about her past. Vikram is glad to know Akshay’s love for Prachi. Akshay promises that he will always protect Prachi and Khushi. He goes to stay with Khushi. Vikram tells that Ashok is lucky to get such a nice son. Ashok agrees. Balbeer ties up Ranbir. Wilson asks why did they get Ranbir. Balbeer tells that Ranbir is more dangerous than the police. He wants to settle scores with Ranbir. He calls Prachi and demands 15 lakhs for Ranbir. She asks him where is he. He asks her to reach the location. Rhea asks what will they do now.

Prachi tells that the dangerous goons can do anything to Ranbir. Wilson asks Balbeer if will he spare Ranbir. Balbeer tells that once he gets money, he will kill Ranbir. Prachi tells that Balbeer will take the money and kill Ranbir. She wants to reach Ranbir and save his life. Rhea tells that they don’t have anything to defend the goons. Prachi tells that they will arrange it. They get Balbeer’s location. Laali asks Balbeer and Wilson why they always lose. Wilson tells that his time is running bad because of Balbeer. She asks him if he is calling Balbeer unlucky. Balbeer asks her to keep quiet. She asks him not to scold her in front of Wilson and if he dares to insult her, then she will not help him.

Wilson asks why did Laali come there. Wilson and Balbeer fight. Laali splashes the water on Wilson, who moves away in time. The water splashes over Ranbir’s face. Ranbir gains consciousness. He shouts at them and asks them to leave him. Wilson and Laali argue. Ranbir tries to fight the goons. He gets himself freed from the ropes and bravely fights them. They find him more dangerous than them. Ranbir breaks a bottle and threatens them. He asks Laali to sit down on the floor. He ties all of them and waits for the police to come. Wilson tricks Ranbir and catches him. The goons tie up Ranbir. Prachi and Rhea reach there to help Ranbir. Ranbir happens to see them.


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