Kundali Bhagya Palki accused 30th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya Palki accused 30th April 2023 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya Palki accused 30th April 2023 Written Update. Prachi gets accused of theft. She tells the manager that she is a professional doctor, not a thief. She adds that she didn’t steal anything. Rajveer defends her and says that Prachi can’t steal anything and that maybe the machine has malfunctioned. The manager says that the machines are working well, the machine beeped and it means that Palki has lifted something from their store. Ketan is shocked by the allegation about Palki. Shaurya smirks. Rajveer decides to prove Palki innocent. How will Rajveer prove Palki’s innocence? Is Shaurya behind Palki’s problem? Keep reading for a full written update.

Chashni Chandni exposes Raunaq:


Chandni exposes Raunaq’s plan in front of Sumer. She tells that Raunaq had tried to replace the groom in the mandap and got Manav there, just because Raunaq didn’t want to marry her. She adds that Manav didn’t want to cheat on her and marry, and came up to her with the revelation of Raunaq’s plan, and thankfully they both convinced Natasha to marry Manav. She is glad that Natasha married Manav and now the latter has his daughter’s custody with him. Later, Chandni gets Natasha arrested for the crime of burning Nirbhay’s club. She gets justice for Nirbhay but Roshni isn’t able to forgive Chandni.

Chandni asks Sumer to get justice done to her by asking Raunaq to marry her. Sumer asks Raunaq to be a man and keep his promise to a girl who he loved. Raunaq gets compelled to marry Chandni when Sumer reminds Raunaq of his mother. Raunaq swears revenge on Chandni. He tells Roshni that he is going to ruin Chandni’s life after marriage. Roshni has no soft corner for Chandni and supports him in his plans. Chandni is sure to end Roshni’s hatred for her, and also clear Raunaq’s misunderstanding.

Kundali Bhagya Palki accused 30th April 2023 Written Update:

Ketan questions Rajveer about his presence. Rajveer recalls how he jumped over to the other trial room. He lies to Ketan that he was in the other room. Shaurya asks Sanju to come. Palki tells that she will change and come. Ketan doesn’t understand what Rajveer was saying. He gets confused. Karan rushes to the reception to pay the bill. He tells that he has an important meeting. The nurse tells him that he has to cooperate. Karan doesn’t get any help.

He gets a call and tells that he will be coming for the meeting soon. He pays the bill. Sanju asks Shaurya why didn’t he scold Palki. Shaurya tells that he thought something seeing Palki’s necklace. Nidhi calls Shaurya and asks him where is he. He apologizes for getting late. He tells that he will get the latest design necklace for her because he is getting the first award of his life. She is glad that he is thinking to gift her. She tells that she knows he loves her and wants to make her feel special. He tells that he loves her a lot. He thinks of teaching a lesson to Palki.

Mahi asks Rajveer to drop her. He tells that he is busy and has to go to a meeting. Jasbeer shows a necklace to Ketan and Palki. She tells that it’s worth 15 lakhs. Palki refuses to take it. She shows the ring she liked. Shaurya collides with Palki. He apologizes to her. He tells that he has realized he has done wrong. Rajveer stays with Palki. Palki gets hindered at the door when the machine beeps. The guard tells that Palki is carrying something from the store. Mahi and Daljeet go to bag a modeling assignment for the former. Daljeet boasts of her beauty. She wishes that Mahi becomes a big model.

Shaurya tells Sanju that he had put the necklace in Palki’s bag to take revenge. Palki tells that she is a doctor, not a thief. She tells the manager that she didn’t steal anything. The manager asks the staff to call the police. Palki tells that she didn’t do anything. Jasbeer asks Palki why did she do wrong to insult them and ruin their respect. Palki asks her why aren’t they trusting her. Rajveer takes a stand for Palki. Palki sees Shaurya who asks the manager to check Palki’s bag. Preeta learns that Karan paid the bill and left because he was in a hurry. She tells that she wanted to say thanks to him. The lady offers to drop her home. Preeta thanks her for all the help.

Palki asks the manager to check her bag well, and she isn’t a thief. She is shocked to see the necklace. Ketan and Jasbeer get angry at Palki. Palki tells that she didn’t steal it and she doesn’t know how it came into her bag. Rajveer tells that he knows she didn’t do anything. Shaurya calls their friendship so real. He tells that Palki is acting innocent and that maybe Rajveer has a share in the robbery. Rajveer asks him not to dare. Shaurya asks him not to lie to them. He scolds Palki. He gets an important call. He tells Rajveer that he will talk to him later because he is winning an award tonight. Shaurya buys a necklace for Nidhi. He taunts that he will pay and get the jewelry.

Rajveer tells that Palki didn’t steal the necklace. He scolds Shaurya. Karan finds Nidhi in his office. She asks him why is he behaving like Shaurya. He tells that Shaurya is his son and he behaves like him. She tells that Shaurya is going to receive an award. He tells that he is getting the award because of Luthra’s surname, but he deserves this style award. She is happy. She asks him to get ready for the event. He hands over the outfit. He thanks her. He asks her to call Shaurya and find out if he has reached. Nidhi calls the event organizer. Palki gets worried when the manager calls the police. Palki asks the manager not to call the police. She cries profusely. Jasbeer tells that she will call Daljeet and inform her. Ketan scolds Palki and shows his lack of faith.



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