Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s firm stand

Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2023 Written Update Rajveer's firm stand

Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s firm stand. Rajveer takes a stand for Palki throughout the tense situation because he believes that a selfless girl who can save lives can never steal money. He tells Palki that Ketan should have taken a stand for her because she is going to marry Ketan and should have his support, but sadly Ketan isn’t able to judge her right. He proves Palki’s innocent in front of the police by insisting the store manager bring on the CCTV footage. He says that Palki deserves a chance to defend herself and nobody can impose the thief tag on her. He makes the police check the footage and they find Shaurya cleverly putting the necklace into her bag.

Rajveer knew that Shaurya is exacting revenge on them, but he didn’t imagine Shaurya would stoop to this level and target Palki. Rajveer finally proves her innocence and saves her dignity from getting tarnished by the unethical accusations of her character. Palki feels indebted to Rajveer, who is just a neighbor but helped her instead Ketan who called her at the store to select their engagement ring. She didn’t expect Ketan and his mom to suspect her. Rajveer asks Palki to sit on his bike and come with him. He says that they have important work and very less time. He adds that they will go to the person who had framed her by putting the necklace in the bag. Shaurya arrives at the award function and garners the fans and media’s attention. He meets Karan and Nidhi there. Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2023.


Kundali Bhagya 2nd May 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s firm stand:

Rajveer asks the manager and inspector to check the CCTV footage once. The manager doesn’t agree, but the inspector agrees with Rajveer. Inspector tells that everyone has a chance to defend themselves. Palki cries profusely. Rajveer holds her hand and consoles her. The manager arranges the CCTV footage. They see someone putting the necklace in Palki’s bag. Rajveer proves Palki’s innocence and tells them that he told them already about Palki’s innocence, someone had framed her and she didn’t steal the necklace. Palki hugs Rajveer and cries. Ketan and Jasbeer look at them. Shaurya gets much attention at the award function. He asks about his parents. The organizer tells that Karan has gone to his room.

Shaurya thinks to speak to Karan. He goes to meet Karan and Nidhi. Karan asks Shaurya did he have any important meeting that he got to so late. He taunts Shaurya and thanks him for coming to grace the event. Nidhi asks Shaurya to stay calm. Shaurya tells that he had gone to buy a necklace for Nidhi. He adds that he wanted to do it from all his heart. He apologizes that he got stuck. Karan asks him why did he go out on the same day. He asks Shaurya to come out quickly. Nidhi loves the necklace. Shaurya is sorry for getting late. She asks him to not worry about Karan. Shaurya compliments her. They go out. Shaurya gets applauded. Karan isn’t happy. Nidhi asks him not to behave crankily. She asks if he wants something that he didn’t get. Karan thinks of Preeta.

He tells that it’s nothing like that. She asks about the lady who met with an accident when he was on the way. He recalls the lady who he couldn’t meet. Nidhi congratulates Shaurya. Shaurya goes on stage to receive an award. He tells about his new song. Karan feels sorry that he couldn’t make Shaurya a good person. He thinks Shaurya would have become a better person if Preeta was there in their lives. He wishes Preeta was there with them and changed their lives. He feels a second Karan has come, Shaurya has become his shadow, when he should have become like Preeta.

He wishes Preeta was there in his life. He tells that he needs her a lot. Palki thanks Rajveer a lot for trusting her. Ketan and Jasbeer scold the store manager and suddenly come back to Palki’s side. The inspector rebukes the manager for his negligence and leaves him with a warning. Ketan asks Palki to come with him. He tells that he will protect her from bad people. Rajveer stops them and gives them a dose of reality. He asks the manager to apologize to Palki. Palki doesn’t want any apology. Rajveer tells that one has to apologize for their mistake. He adds that he is taking this step for Palki’s respect. The manager apologizes to her. Ketan and Jasbeer take Palki with them.

Jasbeer acts sweet. Rajveer doesn’t want Palki to go with Ketan. He tells them that Palki will go with him. Ketan tells that she will come with him. He finds Rajveer strange. Rajveer asks Palki to come with him because they have to do important work. He adds that they have to meet the guy who had put the necklace in her bag. Palki goes with Rajveer. Ketan wants to know who is that guy, but Rajveer doesn’t answer him. Karan is called on stage. He recalls how Nidhi convinced him to be a part of Shaurya’s success. Karan goes on the stage and answers a few things about Shaurya.

He tells that he wasn’t expecting this because Shaurya always does the unexpected. He adds that he is proud of Shaurya. Shaurya and Nidhi get glad. Karan happily hugs Shaurya. He is thankful to everyone for making him a part of the event. He gives a wonderful speech. He surprises Shaurya. He breaks the news that Shaurya is launching his own music company soon. Shaurya thanks him and tells that he loves his dad a lot.


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