Anupama 4th May 2023 Written Update Sindoor twist

Anupama 4th May 2023 Written Update Sindoor twist

Anupama 4th May 2023 Written Update Sindoor twist. Maya tells Anuj that her love isn’t wrong. He tells that love becomes wrong when it snatches someone. She tells that she didn’t snatch him from Anupama. She claims that she loves him a lot. She requests him not to leave her. Anuj tells that he is of Anupama, he exists because of her, and she is his first love and last love. He apologizes and clears that he has no feelings for Maya. He tells that they can be just friends, only if she stops loving him. He asks her to forget him. She asks him if he stopped loving Anupama when she got married to Vanraj. She pleads to explain her situation. He calls her weird. She tells that her love is justified.

He tells that his love was within limits, unlike her limit. She tells that one-sided love can’t be wrong. He calls it enough. He knows the pain of one-sided love and respects her love. He tells her that he can’t give her love. He asks her not to keep expectations from him. He ends the discussion. Maya tells that the story won’t end there. She is hopeful of getting him. He knows Maya can go to any extent for her love. He asks her not to cross her limits. Bhairavi gets worried for her dad. Anupama and Bhavesh help Bhairavi. The man asks Anupama to keep Bhairavi with her if anything happens to him. She assures him that she will take care of Bhairavi until he gets fine. Bhavesh fears for her.


At the Kapadia house, Pakhi taunts Barkha for losing her control. She asks Barkha to get Anuj and Anupama’s bedroom cleaned. She wants Barkha to leave the house. Adhik loses his calm when he sees Pakhi insulting his sister. Anupama pacifies an upset Bhairavi. Bhavesh calls her and informs them that Bhairav’s father has passed away. Anupama worries and hesitates to give the bad news to Bhairavi. She gains the courage to tell Bhairavi that her dad is no more. Bhairavi runs to the hospital. Adhik apologizes to Pakhi. She is depressed that he is just seeing his benefits. She calls him selfish and opportunist like Barkha.

She asks him not to take advantage of Anuj and Anupama’s fight. Adhik tells that he remembers their favors. She wants him to be grateful. Anuj dreams of Anupama. He tells Anu that he will soon meet Anupama. He asks her if she will forget him after he goes. Anu tells that nobody can forget their parents. She asks him to stay with Anupama and live happily. She calls her parents the best. Maya loves them a lot but cries that they love Anupama. She tries her best to stop Anuj. Pakhi explains to Adhik that Anupama has always forgiven Barkha’s mistakes, but Barkha wants to separate Anupama and Anuj. Adhik tells that he can’t live a middle-class life.

She asks him to work hard and make his business, rather than snatching someone else’s empire. She decides to unite Anuj and Anupama at all costs. Bhairavi cries for her dad. Anupama breaks down seeing Bhairavi’s sorrow, which reminds her of her father’s loss. Kanta consoles Anupama. She is afraid that Anuj will break Anupama’s hopes again. Maya decides to play her last move and attempt to separate Anuj and Anupama. What extreme step would Maya take? Keep reading.


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