Kundali Bhagya 4th May 2023 Written Update Shaurya caught

Kundali Bhagya 4th May 2023 Written Update Shaurya caught

Kundali Bhagya 4th May 2023 Written Update Shaurya caught. Rajveer supports Palki and expresses his feelings to her. He tells that Shaurya is responsible for Palki’s problem. Fate brings Rajveer and Palki together. Their emotions get out in the open when they face a big problem. She asks how did Shaurya frame her. She tells that she didn’t do anything wrong. He knows it and wants to get Shaurya punished. Rajveer tells that Shaurya is a spoilt brat. He wants to teach such a lesson to Shaurya that the latter remembers forever. Rajveer and Palki hide from the guards in the green room. She asks him what will he do.

He tells that she will know it in some time. Karan tells that Nidhi stopped him from talking about a few people in her life, and in the same way he has someone in his life about whom he doesn’t want to talk. He tells that one such person is Preeta. He intervenes in Shaurya’s award function. Shaurya is announced as the winner of the style awards. He goes on stage to receive his award, but Rajveer hinders him. Rajveer asks them to stop and not give the award to Shaurya, who doesn’t deserve it at all. Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya on 4th May 2023.


Radha Mohan:

Damini tries to overhear Radha and Mohan’s conversation. She drops a vase. She hides from them. Radha has once again accused Damini, but Mohan doesn’t believe it. She asks him to react after knowing Damini’s ugly truth. He tells that it’s not true, whatever she told about Damini is wrong and she has no proof against Damini. He adds that Radha shouldn’t do anything if she can’t prove Damini wrong. He feels Radha has trapped him. He admits his mistakes. He asks her to leave his life, and never come back. Radha weeps, after failing to prove Damini’s evil. Radha tries to get evidence. She tells that the phone number isn’t Tulsi’s number but someone else. She adds that someone else has sent the messages to Mohan, and that’s Damini. Damini is afraid that Radha is exposing her truth.

Kundali Bhagya 4th May 2023 Written Update Shaurya caught:

Palki runs away with Rajveer. The guards tell them that they have to find the girl, or else they will fall into trouble. Rajveer and Palki hide and get into a moment. Shaurya comes there and shouts to call the guards. Palki gets worried. Daljeet asks Gurpreet not to doubt her. She tells that she wishes good for Palki. Gurpreet tells that Palki is simple, and she won’t stay happy with Ketan. She wonders why Daljeet is choosing Ketan for Palki.

She feels Rajveer is also simple like Palki. Daljeet tells that she knows what is right for Palki. Gurpreet tells that they both know Rajveer is better for Palki. She takes a stand for Palki as her Bua. Daljeet tells that she is Palki’s mum and she knows the best. Shaurya boasts of his style. He checks for some options. Palki calls Shaurya mad. Rajveer tells that Shaurya is rich and spoilt. He wants to teach a lesson to Shaurya. She asks what is he thinking. He tells that he will know it in some time. He asks her not to come along. She tells that she will come along and that’s final.

Gurpreet returns home. Preeta finds her sad and asks her to discuss her problem with her. Gurpreet cries. Preeta asks her about the matter. Gurpreet tells that she loves Palki a lot. She wanted Palki to become a doctor and Palki has worked hard to become a doctor. She adds that she spoke to Daljeet about Palki’s alliance, and Daljeet asked her to not try to become Palki’s mum. She cheers up Gurpreet and tells that she will also speak to Daljeet about Palki. Nidhi gets angry at the reporters and taunts that they always have poor questions to ask. The organizer tells that he needs more than ten minutes to fix the issue. Karan is tired of waiting there. Nidhi asks him to speak to her well and stop thinking about Preeta.

He gets triggered when she takes Preeta’s name. He goes to her and asks if she has to tell him something. He tells that he doesn’t want to talk about Preeta like she doesn’t want to talk about a few people in her life. Nidhi tells that he doesn’t talk to her and leaves her frustrated. She asks him to forget it. He tells that she wants to know the truth if he is reacting this way because of Preeta. He admits that it’s related to Preeta. He tells that he can still feel Preeta and thinks she is around him. He shares his feelings. He tells that he can’t explain his strange feelings, he feels Preeta is alive and he can meet her someday. She asks how can this happen.

He tells that he felt the same when he took Kareena and Bani to the temple, he sensed Preeta there, and he felt terrible. Nidhi consoles him. She tells that Preeta isn’t in the world. He tells that Preeta left without meeting him. He cries for Preeta. He wishes that he never meets her ever in his life. Nidhi isn’t affected by his emotions. She wants Karan to have anger over Preeta. She tells that she will make sure he always hates Preeta. Rajveer tells Palki that Sanju might see them and inform Shaurya. She asks why are they hiding. He tells that he doesn’t want anyone to see them before his plan gets into action. He sees Karan with the reporters. He gets enraged.


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