Kundali Bhagya 7th May 2023 Written Update Shaurya’s reply

Kundali Bhagya 7th May 2023 Written Update Shaurya's reply

Kundali Bhagya 7th May 2023 Written Update Shaurya’s reply. Karan yells at Shaurya for getting him insulted. He says that he couldn’t tell a word today because of Shaurya. Shaurya asks Karan not to blame him because Rajveer is responsible for this drama. He asks Karan why didn’t he stop Rajveer. Karan says that he will never stop the right one. He feels Shaurya got him insulted. He is proud of Rajveer who has good values. He feels nobody can give value to Shaurya. He tells the family that Shaurya has hurt Rajveer’s Maasi first and now Palki. He explains to Shaurya that respect is an asset for a middle-class person. He tells that Shaurya can buy anything with money, but not respect, because one has to earn respect by esteem and hard work. He feels ashamed of Shaurya. Shaurya is speechless and goes away.

Karan tells that Shaurya has no answer. He asks Nidhi not to defend Shaurya. The entire family gets upset because of Shaurya. Rishabh tells Rakhi that Karan didn’t say anything right, the family’s men respect women, and Shaurya can’t disrespect any girl. He tells that Shaurya is ruining their respect. He wants to show Shaurya his mistake, or else they will lose Shaurya forever. Kareena thinks who is Palki? She tells that Palki has become a reason for everyone’s fight. Palki remembers the way Rajveer took a stand for her. She is thankful to Rajveer. She praises Rajveer.


Mahi asks Palki did Rajveer defend her in the jewelry store and made the manager apologize, and did Rajveer really punish Shaurya by exposing him at the award function. Palki tells that Rajveer got justice for her and also returned her esteem. She feels indebted to Rajveer. Mahi tells that Rajveer is cute, calm, and composed, he is the best, he respects everyone, and he is loving, caring, and charming. She tells that she likes Rajveer because he is a total package. She adds that her dream boy is Shaurya Luthra. She sings praise of Shaurya, who is very much rich.

She says that Shaurya gets lacking behind Rajveer because the latter is really the best. She tells Palki that she will love Rajveer if he turns rich. She asks Palki if she is thinking of Rajveer. Palki denies it. Mahi tells that Palki’s marriage is fixed with Ketan. She asks Palki why is she upset and if is she thinking of breakup with Ketan. She questions Palki if she wants to become her Sautan. She tells that she has seen Palki and Rajveer together. She clearly states that she doesn’t want a love triangle between them, she loves Rajveer a lot, she is falling for him and she wants him in her life. She tells that Palki might fall for Rajveer too, so she wanted to confess her feelings. Palki wants to avoid the topic. Mahi asks her to always remember what she told about Rajveer.

Rajveer comes home and faces Preeta’s wrath. She asks him why didn’t he call her and tell about Shaurya’s deed. She tells that he didn’t tell her anything about insulting Shaurya at the award function. Rajveer apologizes to her that he didn’t inform her. She feels sorry that she can’t forgive him. She tells that it was a big day for Shaurya and Rajveer insulted him in front of the media and fans. Rajveer tells that he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He isn’t sorry for insulting Shaurya. She asks him if Shaurya’s parents were there. He says yes.

She asks why did he do this in front of Shaurya’s parents. He tells that Shaurya did wrong to Palki. She tells that he did wrong with Shaurya. She feels bad that Shaurya’s parents got embarrassed when they were expecting a proud moment. Rajveer tells that Shaurya didn’t do wrong. She tells that Shaurya had his own reasons that he got spoilt, he isn’t born as a bad person, he deserves a chance and she knows him well. Rajveer thinks Preeta has a connection of heart and blood with Shaurya, and that’s why she is feeling so much for him. Preeta worries for Shaurya and his parents.

She tells that she can never forgive Rajveer for insulting Shaurya’s parents. Rajveer thinks Shaurya and his parents deserved this insult. He tells that Shaurya isn’t a nice guy. He tells that he isn’t so bad. She asks Rajveer why didn’t he go to Shaurya’s home and inform his parents about Shaurya’s mistake. She tells that he didn’t take the right path. She adds that she can reform Shaurya in six months with her love. She feels a wrong person gets more wrong when punished, and he can change through love. Rajveer mentions that he doesn’t care if Shaurya is good at heart.

He tells that Shaurya is bad because his actions are bad. On the other hand, Shaurya is angered recollecting Rajveer and Karan’s words. Shaurya tells Nidhi that he is Karan’s son, but Karan is supporting Rajveer. He adds that Rajveer isn’t Karan’s son. Nidhi doesn’t ask him to calm down. She tells that Karan loves him a lot but he doesn’t know how to express it. She asks him to understand his dad. Shaurya tells that Karan didn’t do anything for him when Rajveer insulted him and ruined his first award.

He wishes Karan took a stand for him. He tells that Karan always scolded him. He gets his friend’s call. His friend asks him about the award function. Shaurya angrily breaks the phone and leaves. Rajveer is upset. Gurpreet tells him that Preeta is proud of him, but she loves Shaurya as a mother. She is proud that he took a stand for Palki. Stay tuned.


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