GHKPM 8th May 2023 Written Update Violent Virat

GHKPM 8th May 2023 Written Update Violent Virat

GHKPM 8th May 2023 Written Update Violent Virat. Sai serves the food to Satya and his family with much love. Amba tells Sai that she has to make some adjustments after marriage. Satya tells that Sai can’t take an off and sit at home because he won’t like to be alone at the hospital. Amba asks Sai to take a few days off. She tells that she wants Satya and Sai to perform the Kuldevi puja. Satya and Sai agree when Amba questions Sai about keeping her duties. Sai tells that she has to attend Savi’s PTM first and then come home to visit the temple. Satya tells that he also has an important meeting today. Amba asks them not to make excuses in the evening. On the other hand, Virat looks for Vinayak.

He learns that Vinayak has refused to go to the PTM without Pakhi. He wonders how long will Vinayak stay aloof from the family. Ashwini tells that Vinayak hates Virat for taking Pakhi away from him. She asks Virat to think of Vinayak and call Sai. Virat says that Sai is the reason for ruining his life, and Pakhi has left everything by blaming him. He is angry with both Sai and Pakhi. Sai attends the PTM. Savi gets praised by the teacher. The teacher complains about Vinayak’s poor performance. Sai knows Vinayak is not able to focus on his studies because of his issues.


Teacher advises her to focus on Vinayak. Savi wants to meet Vinayak. Sai says that Vinayak would not come today because he isn’t well. Savi gets surprised to see Satya there and runs to hug him. Virat goes mad in anger watching Satya sharing a fatherly moment with Savi. Satya tells Sai that they will go to the hospital. Sai goes to drop Savi for her extra classes. Virat goes violent and hurts Satya. Satya stops him and asks him what’s wrong. Virat accuses him of snatching his family. Satya knows Virat’s emotions. Virat asks him not to snatch his daughter. Sai reaches there and stops Virat from beating Satya. Sai gets hurt.

Virat worries for her, and stops seeing Satya holding her hand. He asks Satya to fight and decide like a man. Sai lectures Virat. She defends Satya and stands by him. She asks Virat to not take Satya’s decency as his weakness. Virat is upset with Sai. Sai tells that Savi likes to be with Satya and was sharing her happiness. She asks Virat to be happy for Savi, that Satya is giving much love to her. Virat asks her to be happy to separate him and his daughter. Sai calls him a negative person and tells him that he should soon get rid of his negativity, or else it will ruin his family.

She asks him to focus on Vinayak and find Pakhi for his sake. She tells that he should find the old Virat whose kids loved him. She wants him to make his family proud of him again. She warns him against insulting her husband and in-laws again. Satya tells Sai he will handle Virat. He sees a good partner in Sai. He agrees to give a feast to the hospital staff at his home.


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