Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s plan

Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2023 Written Update Ranbir's plan

Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s plan to escape. Khushi is missing from the orphanage. Prachi and Akshay reach the police station and file a kidnapping case. She tells the inspector that someone has kidnapped Khushi and she is very sure of that. She lodges a report to find the kidnappers. Ranbir tells Khushi that the orphanage staff will soon know about her absence, that she has run away from the dark room, they will look out for her, and they will send their staff to check for Khushi, but he has a plan. He tells that they will leave the city and go to some other city to start a new life together. Khushi happily hugs him. What will Prachi do when she learns that Khushi is with Ranbir? Keep reading for a full update on Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2023.

Radha Mohan:


Radha is locked in the cold storage. She shouts for help. Damini sees the guards going to open the cold storage room. She thinks to stop the man in some way. Damini scares the guard by acting as a spirit. She tricks the guard and makes him leave. Radha gets to hear Damini’s voice. The guard doesn’t get to see Radha there. Radha doesn’t get any help. Damini wants Radha to die. Radha stays strong and thinks of Gungun and Mohan. Gungun tells Mohan that Radha is the most important person in her life.

She adds that she will die if anything happens to Radha. She tells that she will never speak to him if anything happens to Radha or if Radha leaves their lives. She gets mad at Mohan. Mohan weeps thinking of Gungun’s threatening words. Radha tells that she has to fail Damini’s conspiracy and returns to Mohan. She has to clear Mohan’s misunderstanding. She tells that she has to protect Gungun. She thinks of Gungun who would be waiting for her. She worries for the family.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th May 2023 Written Update Ranbir’s plan:

Ranbir tells that he will prove he is Khushi’s dad. Khushi tells that they will not agree. She wants to be with Ranbir. Pallavi asks Ranbir to just decide it, they will take Khushi and shift to the farmhouse. Khushi tells about the warden locking her in the dark room. She doesn’t want to go back. Ranbir promises that he will never send Khushi away from him, he will always keep her alone, and he will take Khushi to him to a new city and protect her. Khushi smiles happily and hugs him. Meera and Satish learn that Prachi has come back to the orphanage again. She asks the girls to sleep. She learns that Khushi is missing. Satish asks the girls to sleep, or else they will get beaten up.

Akshay hears this and asks Satish if they keep the kids in their fear. Meera asks Akshay who is he, whether is he married or does he have kids. He tells that he isn’t married. She explains that they scold the kids and discipline them. She adds that she isn’t stone-hearted. Satish tells that they do the best for the kids, and they are sorry that Khushi is missing. Prachi asks Meera about Khushi. Meera apologizes to her. She asks her to keep patience. She tells that she will find Khushi. She tells that the warden had locked Khushi in a dark room. She adds that anything could have happened to Khushi. She asks Meera to find Khushi. Satish tells that Khushi isn’t seen in any CCTV camera. Prachi tells that Khushi might have got kidnapped. She tells Akshay that they have to go to the police station. Ranbir and Khushi enjoy the family dinner.

Rhea tells that she doesn’t know Khushi’s choice of food, so she has prepared what Ranbir and Prachi like. Khushi tells that Rhea looks like Prachi. She misses Prachi. Ranbir asks why is she missing Prachi and what’s special in her. Khushi tells that Prachi is very nice. He tells that she isn’t much good. Khushi praises Prachi and tells that she loves her a lot. He tells that he also loves her a lot. Dadi asks Sahana if Prachi met Khushi or not. Sahana tells that she doesn’t know about it. She calls up Prachi and asks about Khushi. Prachi tells that Khushi is missing, the warden had locked Khushi in a dark room and since then nobody knows about her.

She tells that she is going to the police station with Akshay, and she will sue the orphanage. Sahana tells that she is also coming there to support her. Prachi asks her to take care of Dadi. Dadi tells that she wanted to know about Prachi. Prachi and Akshay reach the orphanage. They complain about the warden who had tortured Khushi. Prachi scolds the evil warden. Akshay asks Prachi to relax. Prachi tells the inspector that Khushi is missing. She adds that she is sure that Khushi got kidnapped by the same goons who kidnapped her before. Inspector agrees to take the report. She tells that she wants to file a negligence charge against the orphanage. Inspector tells them that he will assist her. Prachi and Akshay want the search to begin. Sahana and Dadi want to beat the warden and punish her.

Dadi tells that she will get Khushi home by fighting the entire world. Sahana tells that Prachi and Ranbir love Khushi a lot, they are good parents and deserve Khushi. Dadi tells that Prachi deserves Khushi. She weeps. Sahana asks her not to cry. Ranbir and Khushi go out to have ice cream. He feels Khushi is just like Prachi. He thinks Khushi is just Prachi’s reflection. He is sure that Khushi will also trouble him as Prachi does. He tells that she should make friends by asking his permission. She tells that she doesn’t need any friends because he is her best friend. He gets glad.

Prachi gives the details to file the report. She tells that she wanted to adopt Khushi, but Meera didn’t allow her. She asks why can’t Meera take care of the kids well. She calls Meera careless. Satish tells that it’s the first time that a kid went missing from their orphanage. Meera tells that she has no idea about Khushi’s kidnapping. Prachi tells Meera that she is Khushi’s mother. Meera asks why did she call Khushi an orphan that day. Constable asks them to state the facts. Prachi asks him to file the complaint based on her statement. Akshay avoids his work commitments. Prachi tells that they should go out for some time. Ranbir and Khushi reach the ice cream stall. She holds his hand and he smiles sweetly.


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