YRKKH 12th May 2023 Written Update Doomed

YRKKH 12th May 2023 Written Update Doomed

YRKKH 12th May 2023 Written Update Doomed. Abhinav gets criticized for his family background and poor financial status. Abhimanyu connects to Manjiri on call and gets to hear the lawyer’s accusations against Abhinav. The lawyers argue. Abhinav is demotivated by hearing the taunts. Abhimanyu’s lawyer insults Akshara and Abhinav for not having a good job to earn a living to raise their child. Akshara holds Abhinav’s hand and pacifies him. Kairav reminds them that Abhir is a part of the Goenka family and he doesn’t lack anything. The lawyer mocks that Abhinav can just feed Abhir two meals a day with much difficulty. She tells that her client Abhimanyu will get child custody.

She advises them to choose the out-of-court settlement. She tells that Akshara has hidden the child for a long, and that’s her mistake. Abhinav panics and coughs. Akshara rushes outside to get water for him. She comes across Abhimanyu and scolds him for insulting Abhinav. She feels sorry that Abhimanyu has hurt Abhinav’s esteem. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri and Anand why didn’t they stop the lawyer from insulting Abhinav. Anand tells that the lawyer is trying to make them win the case. He asks Abhimanyu to step back if he is feeling bad for Abhinav. She reminds them that Akshara and Abhinav have cheated them.


Abhimanyu wants this to end. He doesn’t want their insult, but his son. She asks him to forget them and just think of Abhir. Abhinav feels upset that he isn’t a good father for Abhir because he can’t save his life, he doesn’t have enough funds to support his family and Abhir’s dreams. He tells Akshara that he doesn’t have any special talent to earn money. Akshara tells that they can learn talent and earn money. She encourages him to stay strong because they are together. She misses her house, which she has made on her own. She tells him that they will make Abhir fine and take him back with them.

She tells him that Abhir is their miracle baby and they are his miracle parents. He agrees with her. She tells that the battle will go along, and she needs his support. He thanks her. She calls him a kid like Abhir to handle. He laughs. She stays tense about the legal matter. Kairav and Manish try to offer a good job to Abhinav in their company. Goenkas don’t want Abhinav to feel bad. They ask Abhinav if he will accept the job. Abhinav finds them cute to keep the offer with love. He thanks them but apologizes that he can’t do this job. He wants to do something on his own.

He explains that he doesn’t want any favor from them. Suhasini likes his stand for his esteem and blesses him. He seeks their blessings than favors. Surekha tells that self-respect is a good thing, but it’s not practical to reject the job offer. He tells that he has managed his life on his own because he doesn’t have any ancestors or ancestral property. Manish feels proud of him. Kairav wishes Abhinav all the best. Akshara feels glad. Abhimanyu arrives home and spoils their happiness. Later, Abhinav is seen driving a cab to earn a living. Abhimanyu comes across him and feels sorry for him.


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