Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2023 Written Update Escapade

Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2023 Written Update Escapade

Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2023 Written Update Escapade. Khushi asks Ranbir why is he staring at her like this. Ranbir tells that he can’t get enough of seeing her, because he loves her a lot. He wants to keep looking at her. Rhea tells that it’s happening wrong, she will call Prachi and tell her the truth. She wants to tell everything to Prachi and stop the wrong from happening. Ranbir gets ice cream for Khushi. Akshay and Prachi also reach the same place. Akshay tries to cheer up Prachi. They both walk towards the direction, where Ranbir and Khushi are present. Prachi doesn’t see Khushi with Ranbir. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2023.

Radha Mohan:


Mohan gets his flute and feels worried for Radha. He gets reminded of her. He wonders why is he go worried for Radha like she is in some big problem. Radha calls Mohan and Gungun for help. Mohan doesn’t take the call. Kadambari calls Radha and tells Damini that Radha’s phone is coming busy. Damini wishes her mum does her work and doesn’t let Mohan and Gungun speak to Radha. She stops Kadambari from talking to Radha. She wants Radha to die soon.

Gungun puts posters of missing Radha. She appeals to the people and tells that her mother is missing. She asks them to help her meet her mother. She cries and calls Radha to come back. Mohan hugs Gungun and feels her longing for Radha. Gungun’s call reaches Radha. Radha gets up and picks a metal rod to stop the cold storage freezer fan from working. She aims to stop the fan and save her life. Gungun asks someone to make her meet her lost mother. Will Radha succeed in saving her life? Stay tuned and watch the promo below.

Kumkum Bhagya 12th May 2023 Written Update Escapade:

Ranbir and Khushi hold hands. He asks her to always hold his hand. She tells that she will never leave his hand. She promises him. They go to have an ice cream. Akshay and Prachi also come there. He insists she has ice cream because sugar gives energy and she needs to have energy. She refuses to go. Ranbir tells Khushi that he wants to keep looking at her. She asks him not to cry, or else her ice cream will melt if she gets busy wiping his tears. He agrees with her. He hugs her. Akshay asks Prachi to have something. She tells that she is angry with him and he shouldn’t forget this. He tells that she can stay angry. They walk towards Ranbir and Khushi. Rhea thinks of Prachi’s daughter Panchi.

She tells that Khushi is a pure soul, innocent and cute, she is an angel in their lives. Pallavi also believes the same. Rhea tells that she never thought she can see Panchi again. She calls it a miracle. Pallavi tells that they got a chance to love Panchi and live with her. She wants to relive all the moments that they missed to live before. She tells Rhea that Khushi has seen many struggles in her life. She wants to fulfill Khushi’s every wish. She tells that Khushi will never feel longing for love again. Rhea hugs her.

Rhea tells that if Pallavi has so much dreams to fulfil with Khushi, then even Prachi would want to do the same, being Khushi’s mother. She tells that Prachi deserves to know about this miracle, because she is Khushi’s mother. She tells that she wants to tell the truth to Prachi. She adds that its Prachi’s right to know the truth. She wants to call up Prachi and tell her the truth. She feels helpless because of Ranbir’s swear. She tells that she is sorry, but she can’t listen to Ranbir this time. She calls up Prachi. Prachi doesn’t take the call.

Akshay asks Prachi about her favorite ice cream flavor. Khushi sees the balloons and runs to buy. Ranbir goes with her. Akshay and Prachi reach the ice cream stall, and miss to see Ranbir and Khushi. He apologizes to Prachi. Khushi asks Ranbir to buy balloons for her. Ranbir buys some balloons for her. She tells that they shall play now. He tells that its crowded and hence not safe. She runs to his car. Prachi tells Akshay that she will go and sit in the car. She doesn’t see Khushi because of the balloons blocking her sight. He misses to see Ranbir as well.

Ranbir and Khushi leave in the car, much before Sahana and Dadi reach the same spot. Akshay is relieved to see Sahana and Dadi. He asks them to help him in convincing Prachi to have something. Sahana tells that Akshay has messaged her and called her here. Prachi finds Akshay ignoring important calls. She asks the matter. He tells her that Ashok is not well. She asks him to go to Ashok. She tells that her family is with her. She thanks Akshay for being with her. She acknowledges his efforts. She asks him to update her about Ashok’s health. Akshay leaves. Prachi goes back to the police station. She waits for the inspector. She tells that she would have called Ranbir for help.

She tells that she wants to inform Ranbir about Khushi, he also loves Khushi like a father, and would do anything to find her. Dadi asks her if she still trusts Ranbir or not. Prachi thinks of Ranbir, who has a right to know about their daughter. Dadi asks her to answer. Prachi replies with a yes. She tells that she trusts Ranbir, but she won’t ask his help until she really needs it. She is much hurt because she is hiding the truth from him. She tells that she wanted to tell him, but she chose to hide it. She feels she has no courage to tell him. She asks the inspector if he found out about Khushi.

He tells that he has circulated Khushi’s picture to other police stations. Ranbir asks Khushi not to run on the roads. Ranbir stops at the checkpost. She asks why is police checking the cars. He tells that sometimes they check the cars to catch the bad people. She tells that she has done wrong by escaping from the orphanage. She feels guilty. He asks her not to worry. She hides in the back seat. Ranbir cooperates with the police. He wonders where did Khushi hide that the constable didn’t find Khushi. Ranbir learns that the police is finding a missing child. He asks Khushi to keep hiding. Ranbir tells him that he bought the balloons for his daughter. Constable lets him go ahead and clears the way.

Inspector asks Prachi to go home. Prachi gets upset with Meera. The old lady apologizes to Prachi and defends Meera. She tells that Meera has given a new life to the orphans. She explains that Meera wanted to send Khushi to the right house. Prachi tells that Khushi is her daughter. Meera asks how is this possible, does anyone who come to adopt Khushi is her biological parent. Prachi asks what does she mean. Meera tells that she will protect her orphanage kids. Prachi asks her who is claiming to be Khushi’s parent. Meera doesn’t want to share the information. Prachi insists her to tell the person’s name. Meera tells that Ranbir Kohli has come to claim Khushi and stated that he is her biological father. Prachi is stunned to know that Ranbir is already aware of the truth.


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