Bhagya Lakshmi 14th May 2023 Written Update Lakshmi’s date

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th May 2023 Written Update Lakshmi's date

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th May 2023 Written Update Lakshmi’s date. The family apologizes to Vikrant. Vikrant tells that he didn’t feel bad about Rishi’s words. He hugs Rishi. He thanks Rishi for saving Lakshmi’s life. He tells that his relationship with Lakshmi is fixed today. Karishma asks Anjana to forgive Rishi. Anjana tells that she is okay. Neelam tells Virender that she has chosen the right guy for Lakshmi. He tells that Vikrant must keep Lakshmi happy forever. Lakshmi tells that if anyone senses Rishi’s feelings, then it will be a big problem for her. She wants to go away from Rishi’s life. She tells that she will talk to Rishi and explain to her.

Ayush asks Rishi why did he react like that. Rishi tells that Vikrant didn’t take care of Lakshmi. Ayush asks him to understand that Vikrant is going to marry Lakshmi and he has more rights to her. Shalu asks Lakshmi if is she okay. Lakshmi tells that she is okay. Shalu tells that the marriage would have got canceled if Vikrant got angry with Rishi. Lakshmi asks her not to wish so. Ayush tells that Rishi and Lakshmi are just friends, and Lakshmi will become Vikrant’s wife. He asks what’s the problem, Vikrant is a nice guy and he will take care of Rishi. Shalu tells that this marriage isn’t right. Lakshmi asks her to stop it.


Ayush asks Rishi not to do anything that breaks the marriage. Shalu tells that she wants Rishi and Vikrant to fight because she isn’t able to stop the marriage. She asks Lakshmi to know that Rishi fought for her because he loves her. Saloni suggests that Lakshmi and Vikrant celebrate the day together. Neelam permits them to go. Vikrant asks Rishi if he has any problem. Rishi gives his nod to Vikrant and asks him to take Lakshmi. Lakshmi and Vikrant go on a romantic date. Keep reading to know more.

Bhagya Lakshmi 14th May 2023 Written Update Lakshmi’s date:

Lakshmi asks Shalu not to compare Rishi and Vikrant. She tells that they both care for her. She asks Shalu to try and understand. She tells that Rishi and Malishka’s marriage is fixed, and Vikrant and her marriage are also fixed. She tells this for the last time and asks her to just accept things as fate. Shalu asks her if she is marrying with happiness. Lakshmi is speechless. Neelam decides to keep Lakshmi away from her son for the sake of his safety. Anjana asks her if is she going on Tirat Yatra.

Virender tells that Neelam has postponed the trip because of Lakshmi’s marriage. Vikrant tells that he needs help from Rishi in designing his wedding sherwani. He asks Rishi to suggest a good designer. Rishi agrees to help. Vikrant thanks him. Lakshmi and Shalu come downstairs. Saloni suggests that Lakshmi and Vikrant celebrate the day together because it’s a special day for them. Neelam permits them and tells them that there is no problem.

Saloni thanks her for giving the permission. She asks Lakshmi if she has any permission. Lakshmi says yes. Vikrant asks Rishi if he has any problem. Rishi says no. Vikrant asks him to come along if he has worried about Lakshmi. He tells that he would want Rishi to come along and see if Lakshmi is okay. Rishi asks him not to feel bad. Malishka tells that Rishi and she already have a plan. Rishi wonders what is happening in Lakshmi’s life. Neelam and Karishma wish Malishka to have a good time with Rishi. Malishka wants to attend the best couple competition and win the award. She tells that the competition is held at a restaurant. Neelam asks her not to let Rishi go to Lakshmi.

Malishka asks her not to worry. Neelam tells Karishma that Rishi ran to save Lakshmi from seeing the fire. Karishma asks her not to panic, else it will be a big problem for them. She tells that Rishi can’t keep himself away from Lakshmi if he learns the truth. Malishka asks Rishi why isn’t he ready. He tells that he doesn’t have the mood to go out. She tells that he doesn’t want to go out with her, and he is always ready to go with Lakshmi. She tells that he will feel better if he comes. He asks her not to force him. She asks if he is upset that he has no right about Lakshmi and that her Roka has happened. She wants his answers. She tells that everyone in the house is happy, except Rishi.

She asks him to just come along. She reminds how he ditched her at the dhaba and left to meet Lakshmi. She tells that he has to compensate for the last time. Vikrant’s family comes back home. Saloni appears upset. Anjana asks her what is she thinking. Saloni tells that Rishi’s behavior wasn’t right, he should have not shouted at Vikrant, and he accused Vikrant of his negligence. She adds that Rishi had got angry with Vikrant. She wants to know why Rishi has divorced Lakshmi and showing concern for her. Anjana tells that Rishi can’t do anything once Lakshmi marries Vikrant and comes home. Saloni knows Lakshmi holds good values, but she suspects Rishi and Lakshmi’s relationship.

Vikrant and Lakshmi head to the restaurant. He tries to know her better. He asks her if she used to behave the same way with Rishi. He asks her not to feel bad about his words. He tells that he is a boring person and doesn’t know what to talk. She tells that she also speaks less. He tells that their Jodi will be good. He stops the car and tells that he has a surprise for her. He asks her to guess what he got for her. She recalls naughty Rishi and his mischief. Their cute moment is seen in the flashback scene. He tells that he wants to give her a surprise. She asks what is it.

He tells that he won’t tell her and she should guess about it. She guesses the surprise gift. She makes horrible guesses and angers him. He tells that she has no romance in her. He adds that he should end his life after hearing about such bad options. Vikrant gifts the Gajra/flowers to Lakshmi. The gift reminds her of Rishi again. Vikrant asks her to fix the flowers in her hair. She recalls Rishi’s promise that he will get a Gajra every day for her. She recalls how Rishi used to help her in tucking the flowers in her hair. Vikrant seeks his permission to fix the Gajra in her hair.


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