GHKPM 14th May 2023 Written Update Shock for Virat

GHKPM 14th May 2023 Written Update Shock for Virat

GHKPM 14th May 2023 Written Update Shock for Virat. Virat gets the shocking news that the police commissioner got shot. The commissioner is rushed to the hospital, where Sai and Satya attend him. He learns a shocking fact about the attack. The commissioner’s wife tells him that a rocket has pierced into the commissioner’s chest. He asks her if the rocket had a blast. She says no. He rushes to the OT and stops the surgery. Sai asks what is he saying, and why is he stopping the surgery. Virat asks them to let him do his work. Sai and Satya ask him to leave and let them perform the surgery. Virat asks them if they have taken the x-ray of the chest. Sai tells that it’s an open wound and they didn’t take any x-ray.

He asks Siya what is she feeling on touching the wound surface. She tells that it’s a metal-type surface. Virat asks the doctors to come out and talk to him for a brief. He tells that the commissioner is attacked by a rocket, which is still in his chest, and if his daughter Siya moves her hand away from his chest, the rocket will blast. He asks them to vacate the hospital to avoid the calamity. He tells that nobody should know about the problem, or else it will create chaos. He adds that he will call the backup team.


He asks them to take an X-ray right away. He tells that Siya shouldn’t move her hand away. Virat informs the backup team about the critical situation. He also arranges a bomb squad to defuse a live rocket. Sai and Satya are amazed to see Virat taking the big risk of defusing the rocket. Virat lands in a tough and tricky situation. Will he get through? Keep reading for more news and updates.


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