Udaariyaan New Wedding Promo 14th May 2023

Udaariyaan New Wedding Promo 14th May 2023

Udaariyaan New Wedding Promo 14th May 2023 Upcoming Spoiler Update. Ekam requests Sartaj to stay away from Nehmat and be careful of her, else he might suffer a lot. He warns that Sartaj will be making a big mistake and regret a lot. Sartaj tells that he likes to do what he is doing. He asks Ekam to stop worrying for him. He tells that Ekam might need to worry for Nehmat in future. Nehmat breaks down while thinking of Ekam. She didn’t mean to cheat on Ekam and Harleen, and also their family. Harleen decides to meet Nehmat. She meets Nehmat at Sandhu house and reveals about Rupy suffering an attack.

She tells that Nehmat is the reason for Rupy’s bad condition. She asks Nehmat to remember that Ekam is her husband now and asks Nehmat to stay away from him. Nehmat refuses to follow any command. She asks Harleen to do whatever she wants. She asserts that she will do whatever she wants to do and nobody can stop her. Harleen gets worried when Nehmat refuses to leave. Ekam suspects that Nehmat and Sartaj’s relationship is fake, and there is no truth in it. Harleen tells that he will soon get to know the truth of their relationship. She pledges to show him the truth.


Nehmat steps on something and gets her foot twisted. She lands into Sartaj’s arms. Harleen gets Ekam there and asks him to see Nehmat with Sartaj. Ekam tells that they are playing hide and seek from the family. He decides to get them married and put a label to their relationship. Nehmat grows worried seeing a determined Ekam willing to get her married to Sartaj. Sartaj and Nehmat don’t have any relationship, but get compelled to agree to clear Ekam’s mind. Watch the Udaariyaan New Wedding Promo below.


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