YRKKH 14th May 2023 Written Update Accident twist

YRKKH 14th May 2023 Written Update Accident twist

YRKKH 14th May 2023 Written Update Accident twist. Abhinav shows his firm stand and tells Abhimanyu that Abhir is his son and he is the most precious asset to him. He doesn’t want to leave Abhir. He tells that he is determined to earn money. Abhimanyu and Abhinav challenge each other. Abhimanyu asks Abhinav to become a little bad so that it gets easy for him to fight without feeling guilty. Manjiri witnesses their argument. Muskaan gifts a watch to Neela. She gets gifts for everyone with her first salary. Neela is proud of her. Muskaan tells that she has to tell something. Neela asks about the matter. Muskaan asks her to forgive Kairav, who has told sorry many times. Neela agrees. Kairav jumps in and thanks her for forgiving him. He asks Neela to come with him, they will visit a temple and make prayers.

Akshara is surprised to see the change in him. Neela agrees to go with him. Akshara gifts a gift beautifully wrapped and checks the note. She assumes that it’s for Abhir, but learns that it’s for Kairav. She learns about Muskaan’s feelings for Kairav. Muskaan admits that she likes Kairav. Akshara asks if Kairav also likes her. Muskaan tells that Kairav didn’t tell her anything, but he cares for her. She asks Akshara to not tell anything to Abhinav. She tells that she will change her mind if Akshara is against it. Akshara tells that she is very happy for Muskaan and Kairav. She hugs Muskaan and is overjoyed for their new beginning. Abhinav works hard and also takes late-night bookings to earn money for Abhir.


He informs Akshara about his earnings. She focuses on her law exam preparation. Abhinav thinks to have a cup of tea to get rid of his sleep. He doesn’t get time to have tea and rushes to work hard for the sake of his family. Akshara finds a tired Abhinav coming home. She feeds him the food. She asks him to take some rest. He tells that he can’t stop, and has to work hard for Abhir’s sake. He gets another booking and rushes. Abhimanyu prepares to make Abhir and Ruhi friends. He wants the siblings to have a strong bond. He misses Neil. Abhinav and Akshara meet Abhir and find him dumping the shoes. Abhir tells that Abhimanyu taught him to dump the old shoes and wear new ones. He wears the shoes gifted by Abhimanyu. He likes comfortable shoes. Abhinav doesn’t say anything seeing his smile. Abhimanyu gifts shoes to Ruhi as well. He tells her that he loves her a lot and will never leave her.

He requests her to give a chance to Abhir, who loves her a lot. He asks her to make a try and become Abhir’s friend. He tells that they both are important to him, and he wants them to stay happy together. Ruhi agrees to try. He happily hugs her and tells that he loves her a lot. Aarohi feels he is breaking her heart. Muskaan meets Kairav and asks him if he liked the gift. He tells that he really liked the gift. He informs her that he is leaving for an important meeting and he might get late. She doesn’t realize that he didn’t check her gift by now. Abhinav loses his focus on driving, when he thinks of Abhir and Abhimanyu. He meets with an accident. He bumps his car somewhere.

Akshara shows the big house models to Abhir and tells that they will stay in their new house. He tells that their Kasauli house is the best. She tells that new things look good, but old things give the best comfort. She explains that old things are the best, and even the old shoes. She asks him to value things. Abhir understands her point. Abhinav gets reprimanded for damaging the car. The car owner snatches his earnings after giving a long lecture.

Abhinav apologizes to him and begs him to not remove him from the job. He doesn’t get any money to take home. He gets depressed. Akshara brings Abhir to Birla house. He asks her why is she dropping him to Abhimanyu’s house. She tells that she can do anything for his happiness. He asks her to come along. She refuses by stating that she has much work. She keeps her promise to Abhimanyu and stays fair. She finds it difficult to compromise with the situation.

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