Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update Palki kidnapped

Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update Palki kidnapped

Kundali Bhagya 15th May 2023 Written Update Palki kidnapped. Rajveer tells that it’s not a big issue and that he can fix the latch easily. He goes to get the tool kit. Mahi asks him to fix it. He gets the tool kit. Mahi flirts with him. He calls her strange. She likes him. Daljeet arrives home. She complains about Khurana. Mahi gets dramatic and jokes about her sobbing story. Daljeet tells that she has finished the shopping and now Khurana will handle it from here. She apologizes that she forgot her heels. Mahi demands the heels. She asks Daljeet to get heels for her at any cost. Daljeet assures that the heels will be arranged. Mahi reminds her that it’s her shoot tomorrow. Khurana arrives with the grocery bags.

Daljeet messages him and asks him to get heels for Mahi. He tells that he won’t go anywhere to get the heels. She argues with him and pretends to cry. Palki tells that she will go and get heels for Mahi. He tells that Daljeet is fulfilling Mahi’s every wish, and spoiling her. Daljeet tells that Khurana has spent money on Palki’s education. He gets stern that he won’t go. Palki tells that she will go and come. She relieves Daljeet’s tension. Rajveer asks Mahi to get new screws. She goes to get it. Mahi plans a romantic moment with Rajveer. She works hard on her plan. She gets the new screws. He tells that the latch isn’t getting fixed. She asks him to shut the door and then fix it. He shuts the door. He tells that he will try it now. She is glad.


He tells that it’s not getting fixed. He adds that he will go and call a carpenter. She asks him to go. He isn’t able to open the stuck door. She tells that they got stuck inside. She acts like she is claustrophobic. She hugs him and tells him that she is so scared. She asks what will someone think if they see them locked inside. He tells that he will try and get them freed. She asks him to try, and until then she will hug him to get rid of her fears. Shaurya talks to his friends about Palki. He tells that Palki isn’t important to him, she is so stupid, she is important to Rajveer, she will be tortured and her life will be ruined.

He is sure that Rajveer will get hurt. He feels amazing to make such a plan. Mohit misses seeing them. He sees Shaurya’s car there. Shaurya and his friends see Palki leaving the house and follow her. Sandy informs the goons. Palki gets kidnapped. She shouts for help. Her voice reaches Rajveer. Shaurya watches her kidnapping and gets glad. He tells that Palki is gone. He also leaves there. Rajveer asks Mahi did she hear some sound like Palki screaming. Mahi tells that only she is here with him. He asks her to stay away from him. She gets upset. He says that she doesn’t feel well because she behaves strangely. He asks her to relax.

She asks if he thinks she has done all this. He tells that he didn’t say that. He asks her not to anger him. She weeps. He apologizes to her. He tells that she is amazing, but he is sorry to say that in tension. She also apologizes to him. He asks her not to say sorry. She calls him a good boy. She tells that she likes him a lot. He tells that he also wants to tell her something. He calls her mad. He tells that he isn’t her hero. She gets upset. He says he is sorry and doesn’t want to hurt her, but she is totally mad. She smiles and plans something. She falls into his arms. She wants him to fall for her beauty. She tells that she is a heroine and he is her hero. He refuses her. She thinks he will love her soon.

She loves his attitude. She hugs him again. Palki shouts for help. She cries and asks them to let her go. She bites their hands and gets down the car. She runs away. Shaurya and his friends see her escaping. He tells them that they should stay away and not come into her sight. Palki gets caught by the goons again. Shaurya is glad that his plan is set. He tells that its Kalyug and one will bear the punishment of bad deeds. Preeta tells Gurpreet that everything is done. She adds that they should ward off Palki’s bad sight. Daljeet complains about Khurana. Preeta tells that Khurana likes to irritate Daljeet. She advises her to try reverse psychology and smile when he irritates her. Daljeet agrees to try it once.


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