Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update Cold war

Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update Cold war

Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update Cold War. Ranbir hugs Prachi to stop her from looking behind, where Khushi is hiding. Prachi asks Ranbir to leave her. He refuses and keeps on the hug. Dadi, Sahana, and Meera reach the Kohli house. Dadi confronts the Kohlis for kidnapping Khushi. She tells that they went to the orphanage and got the adoption plea rejected by Meera, so they plotted to kidnap Khushi. Pallavi and Dida get worried. Prachi gets the police to Ranbir’s house. She wants her daughter at any cost. She asks the police to find out about Khushi. The Kohlis try to act normal in front of them. They are covering up that Khushi is at their place.

Ranbir is trying his best to keep Khushi with him. Khushi loves Ranbir and Prachi equally, but Ranbir manipulates Khushi by making her believe that Prachi is going to send her to the orphanage. He makes Khushi away from Prachi by lying to her. The police don’t find anything at home. Sahana tells Prachi that they haven’t found any clue. They get disappointed that they have to leave empty-handed. Khushi has learned that Ranbir is her father, but doesn’t know that Prachi is her mother.



Savita goes mad in anger when she learns that Ayaan doesn’t get released from jail. She tells that she had made the food for her son, but when he isn’t coming home, then she doesn’t want anything. Faltu tries to calm her down. Savita scolds her for lying to her. She asks why didn’t she keep the files safe, knowing Tanisha can do anything to win in her motives. Faltu breaks down and accepts that she has lost. Tanisha accuses Faltu of being the reason for their sorrow. She tells that their problems will get solved if Faltu leaves the house. Faltu agrees to leave the house for the sake of Ayaan’s freedom.

She tells that happiness won’t stay in the house if she stays back. Janardhan decides to support Faltu. He tells that Faltu is his elder bahu and she will not leave the house. He tells that Tanisha is wrong and she has created this trouble for Ayaan. He tells that the entire family will leave the house, and they will stay on the roads with respect than staying with Tanisha. Tanisha asks Janardhan to think about Ayesha’s newborn baby. She emotionally blackmails them. Tanisha attempts to break their family.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th May 2023 Written Update Cold war:

Prachi asks Ranbir to leave her. Ranbir doesn’t break the hug. They both find peace in each other’s arms. He embraces her. Their love gets rekindled for a moment. Khushi gets time to shift her place. Ranbir asks Khushi to go away. Prachi looks at him and asks him what was he doing. He tells that he was feeling something from the past, and he is sorry to hug her. She tells that she didn’t feel anything. He tells that he also didn’t feel anything. She asks him not to feel anything. They both get into a funny banter, while he covers up Khushi. He asks her not to go anywhere, he will tell her what he was seeing, and there is someone, but he didn’t tell her so that she doesn’t get scared. She asks him who is there.

He tells that he is still seeing a ghost there. She gets scared and looks around. He goes away by fooling her. He tells Khushi that he has lied to scare Prachi. Khushi asks him to go to Prachi. He finds her smart and brave like him. Prachi finds the door locked. She tells him that the door isn’t opening. He checks the door. He pulls it but in vain. He tells that the door got stuck. She tells that she was saying the same thing. She asks him to get away, she will try to open the door and go out. He tells that she isn’t a superhuman to go out. He gets hurt by her saree pallu. She cares for him, and he asks her to stay away. Rhea takes care of the family.

Vikram tells that Rhea is doing a tough job, she is lying to Prachi just to protect Ranbir’s happiness, and it’s not an easy task. The family thanks Rhea for her generosity. Meera, Sahana, and Dadi arrive there to find Khushi. Vikram tells that Avni is also here to find Khushi. He adds that Khushi isn’t with them. Dadi tells that she also thinks the same. Pallavi asks why she thinks so. Dadi tells that Pallavi was thinking to bring Khushi home, Ranbir had tried to adopt Khushi and was not rejected, and then they had made a plan to kidnap Khushi. Sahana tells that she is also sure, Khushi is in their house. Ranbir and Khushi cutely argue. Khushi smiles watching them.

Prachi takes care of Ranbir and asks him if he is feeling better. He nods. She asks him to help her find Khushi. Pallavi asks Sahana how can she blame her. Sahana replies that they know the reason. Dadi stops Sahana from telling Pallavi anything. She doesn’t want to tell that they are aware of the truth. Meera asks them to find out about Khushi. Pallavi tells that Khushi isn’t with them. Sahana asks Rhea to understand Prachi’s pain and tell them that Khushi is with them. Rhea can’t tell anything to her. The police arrive there to search the house. Dida doesn’t permit them. Pallavi tells that they can’t let the police check the house.

Inspector tells that he has to check the house and they can’t stop him. Vikram asks him to get a search warrant first. Inspector hands over a search warrant. Vikram fails in stopping them. Pallavi argues with the inspector and creates a scene. She tells that she is feeling very humiliated. Vikram asks her not to blame Prachi directly. He tells that the police will leave soon. She tells that she did overacting. He asks her not to panic, and to trust her son, he will have Khushi with her. Prachi tells that she is strong and she can try to open the door. She observes Ranbir looking at a particular side. He tells that there is nobody, but a ghost. Khushi keeps hiding from Prachi.

Prachi tells that she will go and see the ghost too. Ranbir distracts her. He knocks on the door and shouts for help. He tells Pallavi that Prachi and he got stuck inside. Inspector opens the door. Prachi fails in seeing Khushi. Ranbir tells that Khushi isn’t here and Prachi has already checked the storeroom. Inspector goes to check the other rooms. Ranbir tells Pallavi that Khushi is with him. Vikram and Pallavi hug Khushi. Prachi comes there to the storeroom and finds Vikram and Pallavi sharing a hug. They hide Khushi from Prachi. Ranbir jokes about their romance. Vikram tells that he is caring for his wife emotionally. Prachi walks away. Pallavi hides Khushi from Prachi.


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