Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2023 Written Update Palki calls Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2023 Written Update Palki calls Rajveer

Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2023 Written Update Palki calls Rajveer. Palki is kidnapped. Preeta tells that they aren’t able to find Palki. She adds that Palki isn’t answering their calls, and she might be in some problem. The family worries. Rajveer calls Palki. She escapes from the goons’ place. She takes his call. He asks her why wasn’t she answering the call, everyone is so worried for her and terrified thinking wrong. He asks her where is she right now. She tells him that some goons have kidnapped her. He is hugely shocked to know this. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya on 17th May 2023.

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Shiva plans to invite Arushi and her mom home on the day of Dhara’s birthday so that they both can meet his family and fix the marriage date. Arushi has a past connection with Dhara, which doesn’t get revealed. Arushi’s mom tells that she doesn’t want to face Dhara, but Arushi doesn’t have any fears about dating Dhara’s family members. Shiva requests Dhara to meet Arushi and her mom. She tells that the day is unlucky for her and she never celebrates her birthdays. She refuses to throw any party and meet any girl for Shiva’s alliance. How will Shiva convince Dhara to meet Arushi?


Ekam threatens of ending his life to extract the truth from Nehmat. He takes her to the terrace and asks her to admit the truth. She tells him that she has nothing to say. She asks him if he wants her to jump down the terrace. He stops her from hurting herself and tells her that he will make her work easier by ending his life. He threatens of jumping down the roof if she doesn’t tell him the reason for leaving him in the mandap. He asks her to say the truth or lose him for once and all. Nehmat falls into a huge dilemma.

Kundali Bhagya 17th May 2023 Written Update Palki calls Rajveer:

Palki tries hard to get free. She asks the goons to leave her free. She worries that her family will be worried for her. The goons tie her up and go out. Palki gets time to free herself from the ropes. The goons come back and see her escaping. Palki runs away from there. Mahi tells the family that she got to know from a pan vendor that some guys were standing outside their house. Preeta fears that Palki is in trouble. She tells that they will go to police station and find a missing report. Daljeet asks Preeta not to overreact. She knows Palki, who is brave and strong.

She tells that they have no enmity with anyone. She asks why would anyone kidnap Palki. She tells that they will lose their name if they file a police report and they will not be able to answer Ketan about it. He tells that he wants Palki’s safety first. He leaves for the police station. Daljeet gets more stressed. Rajveer looks for Palki. He doesn’t find her anywhere. He gets Palki’s dupatta fallen on the road. He fears that Palki has fallen into some big trouble. He tells that Preeta’s fear was right. He wishes that Palki is safe. He wonders where is she.

Rajveer asks a constable if he has seen something unusual. Constable tells that he doesn’t know anything. Rajveer tells about Palki’s disappearance and the possibility of her kidnapping. Constable tells that he didn’t witness any kidnapping else he would have saved the girl. He tells Rajveer that a van speeded away, and that was the only thing he felt strange about. Rajveer grows worried. Palki runs out of the goon’s place and hides behind a van. The goons look for her. Palki gets her phone. She calls Mahi but doesn’t get through. She calls Rajveer. He takes the call. He asks her where is she. He tells her how worried her family is. Palki tells him that some goons kidnapped her, she got free with difficulty, she is scared and the goons are still following her.

He is shocked to know it. He asks her to tell him some landmarks so that he can reach her. She tells that there is a gas station nearby. The goons catch her. She hides her phone. The goons take her back to the house. Preeta asks Daljeet to ask Khurana if he got Palki. She calls Rajveer to know about Palki. Ketan and Jasbeer arrive home with the shagun. They find tension in the house. Daljeet tells that they were busy with arrangements. Jasbeer tells that she has got the shagun. Khurana returns home. Daljeet lies that Palki is in the storeroom.

Preeta tells that they should tell the truth to Ketan and take his help. Daljeet tells that Preeta and Gurpreet are like real sisters, they both are the same and don’t understand her. She adds that she has to think of both her daughters. She has to stay in society and not act in a wrong way that defames her daughter. She wants to stay positive. Preeta tells that they should worry about Palki. Daljeet tells that Palki will never let anything wrong happen to her. They hide the matter from Jasbeer. Rajveer reaches the same bungalow where the goons have kept Palki captive.

He realizes that he has reached the right place. He goes to check the bungalow. The goons tie up Palki. The goon tells Palki that there is a reason for kidnapping her, but he can’t tell her everything, someone is settling scores with her and she will go mad thinking about the consequences. Rajveer finds the goons threatening Palki. He thinks of some way to save Palki. Palki gets to see Rajveer at the window. She gets glad and hopeful that he will save her. The goons decide to go out to have food. They think to take Palki along to keep an eye on her.


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