Radha Mohan 18th May 2023 Written Update Tulsi meets Radha

Radha Mohan 18th May 2023 Written Update Tulsi meets Radha

Radha Mohan 18th May 2023 Written Update Tulsi meets Radha. Radha lies in a pool of blood. Mohan doesn’t think anything can happen to Radha, who just ruins people’s lives. Kadambari asks him if he will say the same thing if anything happens to Radha this time. Kaveri tells Damini that they should have killed Kadambari as well. Damini tells that she will torture Kadambari a lot. Tulsi gets visuals of blood. She gets scared and holds her mangalsutra to use her powers and find out about Radha. She gets visuals of Radha lying in a pool of blood. She shouts Radha. She transverses into the path to heaven and stops Radha. She reminds Radha that she is Gungun’s mother and Mohan’s wife. She asks Radha not to go and please stop to save the family from Damini.

She stops Radha. Gungun tells that she isn’t doing any drama and Radha is indeed in some problem. Kadambari also feels Radha is in danger. Mohan refuses to believe her. He tells that he will not go to find Radha. Damini supports him. She doesn’t think he should fall in Radha’s words. She tells that Radha tried to frame her once again. Ketki insults her. Gungun asks them to get quiet, stop fighting and focus on finding Radha. Mohan refuses to move. The family worries for Radha. Tulsi tells Radha that Mohan can’t lose her. Radha asks Tulsi how can she touch her and appear in front of her. She tells that she was bound by Mohan’s promise.


Tulsi tells Radha that she is at the same point where she had been some years back. She asks Radha not to die, and go back to life. She encourages Radha to return for Mohan and Gungun’s sake. Tulsi tells that Gungun needs Radha. Damini and Kaveri drink and celebrate their victory. She tells that once Mohan loses Radha, he will sink into sorrow and need support. She wants to become his support. She pities Tulsi who is still wandering around. She wants Mohan and Gungun’s relationship to get ruined. She makes plans to control the entire family. Gungun apologizes to Mohan. She asks him to find Radha.

Ketki asks him to find Radha for Gungun’s sake. Kadambari tells that Radha is really in danger. Mohan doesn’t melt his heart. He tells that Radha could have called anyone if she was in danger. Radha asks Tulsi to tell her the truth. She wants to know who has killed Tulsi. Tulsi asks Radha what had happened to her. She wants to know where is Radha locked up. She asks her to get conscious. Radha asks Tulsi if she remembers anything about her death. She doesn’t want to lose the last chance. Tulsi remembers Damini’s evil move.


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