YRKKH 18th May 2023 Written Update Heroic Abhi

YRKKH 18th May 2023 Written Update Heroic Abhi

YRKKH 18th May 2023 Written Update Heroic Abhi. Ruhi is upset. Abhimanyu tells Ruhi that Abhir will not come home. Ruhi is thankful to him and hugs him. Manjiri gets upset with Aarohi for not explaining Ruhi. Abhir finds Akshara busy on a call. He thinks nobody cares for him. He wonders what is custody. He reads his name and gets happy. He reads further. Abhinav stops him and scolds him. Abhir tells that it’s not his mistake. He doesn’t want any scolding. He tells that he wanted their time, but they are too busy dealing with the custody. The family worries. Abhinav and Akshara make him upset. Abhir tells that he wants to go back to Kasauli with Neela and Muskaan. He finds his parents have changed after coming to Udaipur. Akshara tells that they have hurt Abhir’s heart while working to get his custody.

Abhinav tells that they have ignored Abhir’s plea. She tells that they have to tell Abhir how important he is. Abhir gets angry and refuses to play football. Abhimanyu meets him and surprises him. Ruhi also meets Abhir and cheers him up. She apologizes to him. Abhimanyu tells that he has made Ruhi and Abhir become friends. He hugs them. Abhir calls him a hero and tells him that he wants to become like him. Akshara and Abhinav look at them. Abhimanyu recalls how he had convinced Ruhi to accept Abhir in the family. He tells that family always protects them and guides them.


He adds that one who has siblings are lucky, and they can become best friends. He cites an example of Ram and Laxman, and also Kairav and Aarohi. Ruhi understands that she has a supportive brother Abhir. Manjiri asks Ruhi to love Abhir and not get insecure. She tells that Abhimanyu will love her the same even if Abhir comes home. Abhimanyu tells Ruhi that Abhir is family. He leaves the decision to Ruhi, and she decides to agree to Abhimanyu’s request. Abhimanyu feels proud of Ruhi and hugs her saying I love you a lot. Ruhi greets Akshara and Abhinav. Abhir cancels his plan to go back to Kasauli.

He tells that he was going back because he had no one with him. Akshara feels she has made Abhir away from her while working for his custody. Abhimanyu hugs the children happily. She finds Abhinav crying in fear of losing his family. He tells that he will lose his family. She pacifies him and asks him to give her some time to Abhir. She is sure that her son will never go far from them. Abhinav tells that he can’t see Abhir going away from him. She tells that money can’t give peace to Abhir. She asks him to believe that nobody can take his place in Abhir’s life. She tells that it’s his right to call his son back to him. Later, Abhinav spends time with Abhir. Abhir falls and gets hurt. Akshara worries for Abhir, while Abhimanyu gets a chance to call them irresponsible and unfit parents for Abhir. Abhimanyu tells that Abhir isn’t safe with them, and hence he will claim his son’s custody.


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