YRKKH 19th May 2023 Written Update Terrified Abhinav

YRKKH 19th May 2023 Written Update Terrified Abhinav

YRKKH 19th May 2023 Written Update Terrified Abhinav. Abhimanyu tells Manjiri that he is very happy, Ruhi and Abhir have become friends, they got happy and spent time with him. She is happy for Abhimanyu. He wants to live for his children and plan their lives. She asks him to give them much love and spend a good life with them. Akshara tells Abhinav that they have to be strong and fight for their son. Kairav and Muskaan see each other and feel odd. Surekha tries to reason out. Akshara and Abhimanyu receive a notice from the court. Abhinav checks the notice of the custody case hearing. Abhimanyu tells Manjiri about the hearing date. Abhinav tells that he will prove to Abhir, he loves Abhir a lot and he will be the best father for him.

Swarna asks Kairav to move on in his life with Muskaan. She doesn’t want him to hurt Muskaan’s heart. Kairav tells that he had no intention to break Muskaan’s heart and hopes. She asks him to apologize to Muskaan and end her fears. Akshara and Abhinav take Abhir for an outing to spend time with him and please him. They apologize to Abhir. Abhinav wants to buy things of Abhir’s choice, but the latter refuses it. He likes the car and tells that he loves it. Abhinav looks at his taxi and feels inferior to Abhimanyu again. Akshara doesn’t want Aarohi to land in trouble. She tells that Abhir shouldn’t tell anyone what Aarohi told him.


He tells that he already told Manjiri about it. She calls up Aarohi and asks her if everything is okay. Ruhi and Abhir take the call and get busy. Ruhi wants Abhir to come and meet her. Abhinav requests the car owner to lend the car for a trial so that he can fulfill his son’s wish. He tells that he can give money for the trial. The man demands one lakh and humiliates Abhinav. Abhinav gets a reality check and turns much upset. Neela asks Muskaan to meet Raghav and his family. Kairav goes to return the gift to Muskaan. She tells that she won’t become a problem for anyone. Kairav tells that he didn’t wish to hurt her.

She calls it her mistake. She adds that she is leaving for Kasauli and the matter will end. She packs her clothes. Abhinav tells Abhir that he will take him for a ride. He makes Abhir sit on his shoulders and runs. Abhinav feels tired and tumbles down. Akshara gets worried for Abhir. Abhinav asks Abhir if is he okay. Abhir cries seeing Abhinav’s wounds. She asks him not to prove anything. She wants him to stop the madness. Mahima witnesses this incident. She wonders how can Abhinav be so careless about Abhir. Kairav apologizes to Neela. He tells that elders also make mistakes and this time Neela is making a mistake. He tells that Raghav isn’t the right guy for Muskaan.

Mahima rushes home and tells Manjiri that she is with her in Abhir’s custody matter. She asks Manjiri to support her in Parth’s matter. Manjiri isn’t surprised by her condition. Akshara takes Abhinav and Abhir home. The family worries about seeing Abhinav hurt. Abhinav stays upset with Kairav. Manish asks them about the matter. Akshara tells that Abhinav got hurt. Kairav knows she is hiding something. She knows Abhinav is battling his fears of losing Abhir. She wants to end his fear and insecurity. Abhimanyu learns about the incident and calls them irresponsible parents. He challenges Akshara to get his son’s custody. She is determined to win the case.


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