Anupama 19th May 2023 Written Update Maya’s big demand

Anupama 19th May 2023 Written Update Maya's big demand

Anupama 19th May 2023 Written Update Maya’s big demand. Anupama tells Leela that it’s Samar’s wedding puja, and being parents, Vanraj and she will sit in the puja as necessary. Leela asks Dimpy who will sit from her side. Anuj tells that he will sit from Dimpy’s side. Maya sits with Anuj as his partner. Kanta questions Anuj about Maya’s relationship with him, that she is sitting in the puja. Maya tells that Anuj lives with her and will always live with her. Anuj is silent and raises many questions in everyone’s minds. Maya acts shameless. Anuj and Anupama see each other while performing the puja for Samar. Vanraj knows Anupama is hurt and feels sorry for her.

Pakhi cries that Anupama is hurt. She walks out and upsets Dimpy. Samar tells Dimpy that Pakhi is sensitive and can’t see Anupama crying. Dimpy tells that she can’t tolerate Pakhi’s tantrums. Dolly overhears them. Kinjal tells Anupama that it’s not right, Pakhi left the marriage function. Anupama tells that Pakhi can’t handle sorrow and anger, she would have reacted in anger, so she left. Kinjal tells that Samar is also angry, but Pakhi should have stayed back. Anupama tells Samar that Pakhi didn’t want to spoil the function. Samar understands it. He tells that everyone must be happy in his marriage. He asks why doesn’t the family attend the functions with happiness. Kinjal assures that everyone is with him. He gets hugely disappointed.


Anupama is dealing with her sorrow. Kinjal consoles Anupama. She tells that she is angry that Maya was with Anuj in the puja, and he didn’t tell anything to her. Anupama tells that Anuj is living with Maya. She can’t say anything to Anuj. She tells Kinjal that Anuj has to give answers. She shows her faith in Anuj. She knows he will come and tell her everything. Kinjal is amazed to see Anupama’s faith in Anuj. Anupama and Anuj see each other and feel separated by the growing distance between them. Maya finds them sharing a stare. Samar tells them that he is very happy, Dimpy is marrying him and they will start a new life, but he is happier for Anupama, who would be going to America to fulfill her dreams.

He breaks the news of Anupama’s big leap of faith. Anuj is very happy for Anupama after knowing her achievement. Samar tells that Anupama will work with Malti Devi and fulfill her dreams. He is proud of Anupama. He encourages her. He tells that sometimes they lose someone who doesn’t deserve them. Vanraj agrees with Samar and asks Anupama to move on by forgetting everything. The family tells that they are always there to support Anupama. Kanta asks Anupama not to stop for anyone’s sake. Samar asks Anupama not to miss the dance classes. Vanraj and Leela tell that they will keep the functions according to Anupama’s schedule.

Samar tells that he wants Anupama in every function. She agrees to stay with the family while fulfilling her dreams. Vanraj asks Anupama to just focus on her dreams. Leela tells that they will focus on the functions now. She adds that they were prepared to welcome Anuj, not Maya. She asks Anuj and Maya to decide on the functions. Maya tells that they shall divide the functions and keep some functions at the Kapadia mansion. Maya’s demand shocks Anupama. Barkha tells that it will be double fun. Kanta lectures Barkha. Barkha asks Anupama what she wants. Maya tells that Anupama doesn’t have any problem coming to Kapadia’s house. Anupama gets reminded of the painful memories of Anuj’s leaving. Leela agrees with Maya.

Vanraj finds Anupama silently sobbing. He feels helpless. Hasmukh asks Kanta not to worry. Kanta tells that she doesn’t know how many tests will Anupama give. He tells that he will talk to Anuj. Maya tells Anuj that they will shift to Kapadia’s house. Anuj asks the reason why they decided to stay in a hotel. She tells that it’s their house and they should fulfill the rasam as Dimpy’s parents. Anuj doesn’t agree. Maya wants her rights in Kapadia’s house as well. Maya asks him what problem he has. He tells that he doesn’t want to go. She asks if he is avoiding Anupama’s memories. Anuj goes to talk to Anupama. Anupama tells that she knew he will come to talk to her. Maya gets worried to find them missing and wonders if they are together. Vanraj observes Anuj going after Anupama and thinks about what is Anuj up to.

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