Kundali Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Update Rajveer roars

Kundali Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Update Rajveer roars

Kundali Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Update Rajveer roars. Ketan puts a shocking allegation about Palki and Rajveer’s relationship. Shaurya plays the pictures on the projector again. Palki is disheartened when Ketan breaks the marriage. She faces a big insult. Ketan raises many questions on Palki’s character, and also on her friendship with Rajveer. Rajveer takes a stand for Rajveer. He tells that Palki should not marry Ketan, because he can never protect and care for her, if anyone accuses her in the future, then he will not take Palki’s side and accuse her. Rajveer scolds Ketan for not trusting Palki. Shaurya watches the drama. Rajveer just wants to prove Palki’s innocence.

He tells that he can’t tolerate Palki’s humiliation. He wants Palki to get forgiven. Shaurya has done this to take revenge on Palki and Rajveer. Daljeet shouts at Palki for bringing disgrace to the family. She asks why did she make such a mistake, she ruined her life and also defamed the family. She tells that Mahi is young and immature, she could have made such a mistake, but Palki is sensible. She taunts Palki looks innocent, but has an evil heart. Palki is upset that Rajveer and her friendship got stained. Palki stands speechless and gets to hear the taunts from everyone. Rajveer fails to change Ketan’s mind. Ketan walks out.


Rajveer doesn’t want anyone to insult Palki. He defends Palki in front of her family as well. Rajveer understands her well. He explains to them that Palki is just his good friend and they have got trapped by someone’s evil conspiracy. He tells that he will prove her innocence. He knows Shaurya has done this, and swears to take revenge on him. Khurana hugs Palki and consoles her. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 29th May 2023.

Kundali Bhagya 29th May 2023 Written Update Rajveer roars:

Ketan applauds Palki for her clever deceive. He asks her not to lie to him. He tells that the photos are proof of her cheating. Palki tries to defend herself. Shaurya wants Ketan to insult her more. Rajveer tells that whatever they have seen and heard, is wrong, the truth of the photos is different and they can’t decide what happened there by seeing the pictures. Jasbeer asks him what he means, are the photos fake? Rajveer doesn’t deny it. Jasbeer calls it their cheat. Rajveer tells that Palki and he are seen in the photos, but the situation was different. He asks Ketan to believe Palki. He asks Preeta to trust him because she knows he can never do wrong. He tells that he will tell them the truth.

He reveals that Palki was kidnapped last night, and she had called him to take help, he reached the place and saved her from the kidnappers, he didn’t know the kidnappers’ identity before, but now he knows about them. He doesn’t take Shaurya’s name, because he has no proof against him. He tells that society stands against a girl instead of supporting her. He tells that the culprit is still roaming free. The lady tells that nobody will believe his story. Jasbeer tells that Palki and Rajveer were getting over-friendly at the jewelry store. Preeta defends Palki.

She tells that Rajveer and Palki aren’t wrong, because they can never do wrong. She shows her faith in them. She tells that Palki was scared after the robbery and blames on her, and Rajveer just proved her innocent and supported her. She tells that Palki counted on him when he helped her. She adds that they know Palki well, and they shouldn’t suspect her. Shaurya tells that Preeta is again defending Palki, but she should be quiet. Ketan’s uncle tells that the marriage should be broken. He doesn’t want to accept Palki as his Bahu. Jasbeer breaks the marriage, much to the shock of Palki’s parents. Ketan taunts Palki for the cheat. He calls off the marriage and their relationship.

Shaurya gets glad. Daljeet turns dizzy. Preeta holds her. Jasbeer stops Palki and asks her to return the expensive engagement ring. Ketan also values the ring more than Palki and snatches it from her. Rajveer gets angered seeing his indifference. Shaurya thinks the drama is over and he should leave. He tells his friends that they will go to their concert from here. Shaurya makes a leave. Ketan and his family also leave. Palki is left alone in the mandap. She weeps and apologizes to her dad. Rajveer feels guilty. Khurana consoles Palki. He tells that she is his pride and she should be strong. He trusts her. Mahi also trusts Palki and consoles her.

Rajveer stops Ketan and asks him about the photographer. Ketan calls Satish. Rajveer asks why he calls Satish. Jasbeer tells that Satish is loyal to them. Rajveer tells that he wants Satish’s help, Satish knows editing and photography. He requests Ketan and his family to give him a chance to prove Palki’s innocence. He convinces them to come for once and see the truth. Ketan and his family agree with him. Preeta and Gurpreet take care of Daljeet, who is much angry with Palki. Daljeet feels its Palki’s mistake. She is ashamed of her daughter. She tells that she can’t change people’s thinking. She cries that Khurana was so proud of Palki who cheated the family today.

Preeta can’t believe that Daljeet has no faith in Palki. She asks Daljeet not to speak wrong about Palki when she is her mother and knows her well. Daljeet tells that Preeta is Rajveer’s Maasi and that’s why she is defending Palki. She is angry about Rajveer’s involvement. Preeta tells that Rajveer and Palki aren’t wrong, and she trusts both of them. She isn’t upset with Rajveer. She tells that maybe Rajveer and Palki like each other, but they can never cross their limits. Gurpreet tells that Preeta understands Palki well. She also supports Palki. Preeta tells that Palki is innocent. She asks Daljeet to stand by her daughter.


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