Kundali Bhagya 30th May 2023 Written Update Drama finale

Kundali Bhagya 30th May 2023 Written Update Drama finale

Kundali Bhagya 30th May 2023 Written Update Drama finale. Daljeet scolds Palki for ruining the family name. She tells how much Khurana used to trust Palki, and how she had broken his trust. Palki is innocent but failed to come clean in front of Daljeet. Daljeet objects to Palki’s friendship with Rajveer. Preeta asks Daljeet not to hurt Palki’s feelings by suspecting her character. Daljeet loses her cool and speaks bitter things that break Palki’s heart. Rajveer gets Ketan and his family back to the house and tells them that he isn’t done yet. He wants to prove Palki innocent. He tells that if Ketan leaves Palki in the mandap and walks out by blaming her, then Palki will get to hear the taunts all her life. He doesn’t want Palki to fall in anyone’s eyes when she is innocent.

Rajveer smartly attempts to prove Palki’s innocence, when Ketan gives him ten minutes to prove whatever he wants to. Ketan asks Rajveer to explain to them his relationship with Palki. He tells that Rajveer shouldn’t lose time and just prove their truth. Rajveer takes Satish’s help and proves Palki’s truth. Later, Rajveer calls up Shaurya and tells him that he will not spare him for defaming Palki. He wants revenge and swears to make Shaurya cry. Shaurya isn’t scared of Rajveer. Rajveer clears Palki’s name and is glad that her marriage didn’t happen with an unworthy person.


He asks Palki to think of her life, career, and dreams, rather than sobbing over the broken marriage. Palki thanks Rajveer for being her true friend and big support. She tells him that he has always been there as a silent support for her, and never stepped back from helping her. She feels blessed and very lucky to have Rajveer as a friend. Rajveer and Palki treasure their friendship. They value each other and their relationship, though they don’t admit their love because of the turnout of events.

Kundali Bhagya 30th May 2023 Written Update Drama finale:

Rajveer tells Ketan that Palki respects elders a lot, she faced much humiliation, but didn’t say anything, because she knows to respect the guests. He justifies Palki’s good behavior. He tells that she could have answered them, but she didn’t. He adds that they trust only the proof, than the person. Rajveer tells them about the picture, Palki was kidnapped and tied to the net, he had gone close to her just to free her from the ropes and it wasn’t an easy talk for him. He asks them to carefully see the pictures. He tells that the kidnapping incident took place.

He asks Satish to tell them the truth when he knows photography, editing, and angles. He asks Satish to carefully see the pictures. Satish checks the pictures. He tells that the pictures are fake, what’s appearing in the pictures isn’t true, the pictures are cropped, it’s not a full-length picture and the truth is something else. Rajveer tells that he has proved Palki’s innocence to them. Palki weeps. Ketan believes Satish. He tells that Palki and Rajveer have no relationship. He apologizes to Palki and asks her if she will forgive him and agree to their marriage. He regrets his mistake.

Rajveer stops Ketan and tells that Palki shouldn’t marry Ketan, who didn’t believe her when she needed his trust. He tells that Ketan can never protect Palki or show faith in her. He asks what will he do when someone comes to blame Palki, will he also blame Palki and question her? He rebukes Ketan. He tells that he has proved the truth today, if Palki fails to prove herself, then Ketan will scold her and break the relationship. He tells that he should have shown faith in her and stood by her, but he threatened of breaking the marriage and left the mandap. He asks Ketan if he will keep marriage this way. Ketan asks him why did he get him back if he didn’t want the marriage to happen.

Rajveer tells that he wanted Ketan to see Palki’s truth and apologize to her, and to know what he is missing out on, a nice girl like Palki. Rajveer asks Palki and her family to decide. Ketan asks Palki to say if she wants to marry him or not. She refuses. He tells that she is making a big mistake and she won’t get a better guy than him. She doesn’t listen. Khurana supports her decision. He asks them to leave. Rajveer calls it over and breaks the relationship. He asks them to leave. Rajveer thanks Satish for bringing the truth out. Ketan and his family leave. Rajveer and Palki meet outside her house. He asks her why did she come out. He asks the matter. He finds her crying. He tells that he knows her well.

Palki thanks him. She tells that she is crying with joy, that she isn’t alone and he is with her. She appreciates what he did. He reveals to her that Shaurya has plotted this conspiracy. She is shocked to know this. Shaurya tells that he got much happy to see Rajveer and Palki in trouble. He remembers their sad faces. Shaurya tells that he has tortured Palki, who has created trouble for him. He feels so good. Palki tells Rajveer that they didn’t see Shaurya at the kidnapping spot. She asks him if she is sure. He tells that Shaurya has come to ruin her wedding and defame her, and he had planned her kidnapping too. Rajveer calls up Shaurya and threatens of ruining his happiness. Daljeet wants Palki to marry Ketan. Palki gets compelled once again.


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