Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2023 Written Update Revelation

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2023 Written Update Revelation

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2023 Written Update Revelation. Ayush and Shalu try hard to find Vikrant’s truth. Ayush finds Vikrant with a lady and hears his love confession. He is amazed and glad that finally he got something against Vikrant. He gets to see Vikrant’s true face. Vikrant tells his lover that they got a chance to get together after a long time, he loves her a lot and wants to be with her. Shalu asks Ayush if he got any proof. Ayush tells her that Vikrant’s truth is out. He asks her to see it herself. They see Vikrant and his lover. Ayush tells that they will expose Vikrant’s secret today. Dadi defends Lakshmi and doesn’t let her answer Neelam. She takes Lakshmi with her. Lakshmi reveals the truth to Dadi.

She tells that Rishi made her wear the mangalsutra, and that’s the reason she had to hide from Vikrant and Malishka. She tells Dadi that she didn’t want Vikrant and Malishka to derive a wrong meaning of Rishi’s innocent move. She can’t see anyone misunderstanding and blaming Rishi. She tells that she can tolerate her insult, but not of Rishi. Dadi knows that even Rishi can’t tolerate Lakshmi’s insult. Lakshmi tells Dadi that it was unintentionally and Rishi didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Dadi believes her.


Meanwhile, Neelam tells Karishma and Malishka that they have to keep Rishi away from Lakshmi at any cost. Vikrant asks his lover to let the marriage happen. He promises that their relationship will never break, even if he gets married to Lakshmi. Ayush and Shalu are shocked to hear this. They try to see the lady’s face. Ayush calls up Rishi to tell him Vikrant’s truth. Rishi is stunned to know about Vikrant’s affair with his lover Saloni. Keep reading for a full written update on Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2023.

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd June 2023 Written Update Revelation:

Ayush finds Vikrant with a lady, wearing the mangalsutra. He thinks Vikrant is really a villain. He isn’t able to hear anything. Shalu asks Ayush if he found any proof. Ayush asks her to just come and see Vikrant’s truth. He tells that the secret us out now. Vikrant confesses love to his lover. Ayush and Shalu get angered seeing Vikrant. They think if Vikrant is already married. Shalu asks him to take a picture. Ayush tells that the picture won’t come clear. He doesn’t want Vikrant to see and suspect them. She wants to inform Rishi. Dadi tells Neelam that Lakshmi is wrong to save Rishi’s life again and again. She tells that Lakshmi has always been a protective shield for them.

She defends Lakshmi. She asks what punishment will they give to Lakshmi. Malishka tells that she loves Rishi a lot, so she is worried that Lakshmi might snatch Rishi. Dadi tells that there is no love without faith. She adds that Lakshmi was already married to Rishi, but divorced him for a reason. She rebukes Malishka. She asks Neelam if she has asked Lakshmi her wish. She tells that Lakshmi was ready to make a sacrifice and marry Balwinder, but nobody can see her efforts. Neelam tells that Dadi shouldn’t trust Lakshmi and support her. Dadi tells that Neelam has to identify and understand Lakshmi. She doesn’t want anyone to raise a question on Lakshmi.

She tells this for the last time to them. She tells that they shouldn’t repeat this, else she will punish them. She takes Lakshmi with her. Rishi gets Ayush’s call. He is shocked to know the matter. He tells that he is coming. He thinks to tell Lakshmi. He decides to see the situation himself and then inform Lakshmi. Lakshmi calms down Dadi and gives her a glass of water. Dadi knows Lakshmi cares for everyone. She doesn’t want anyone to doubt Lakshmi. She asks Lakshmi not to feel bad. Lakshmi hugs her. She feels guilty. She tells that she wants to confess something. Dadi doesn’t think its needed. Lakshmi tells that she wants to lighten her heart.

She admits that Rishi was with her, he had made her wear the mangalsutra and they had to hide it from everyone. Dadi laughs knowing the silly matter. She tells that they should move on and not worry. She feels Rishi doesn’t have such an intention to hurt her. She asks Lakshmi to forget it. She hugs Lakshmi. Malishka and Karishma get upset because of Dadi. Karishma asks her not to overreact. Neelam wanted Lakshmi to confess the truth. She regrets that she has no proof against Lakshmi. Malishka tells that Lakshmi would be trying to break her marriage and go back to Rishi. She adds that Lakshmi will control Rishi and then her entire family. Neelam asks her to stop it.

Ayush tells Shalu that Vikrant is such a big cheat. He waits for Rishi to come and see Vikrant with his lover. He wishes Rishi comes soon. Lakshmi recalls the accusations on her. She wants to go away. She doesn’t want anyone to get sorrow because of her. Rishi reaches the address and runs to see Vikrant. Ayush and Shalu find Vikrant singing and joke on him. Vikrant hears a sound, but doesn’t see them. Ayush and Shalu hide from him. She apologizes to him. They see Rishi going towards the main door. They rush to stop Rishi from ringing the bell and alerting Vikrant. Neelam gets Anjana’s call. They discuss about the engagement. Neelam tells that everything will be amazing in the function. She asks Anjana to come on time. Neelam wants the marriage to happen soon and Lakshmi to go away.


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