Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2023 Written Update Pranbir wedding

Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2023 Written Update Pranbir wedding

Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2023 Written Update Pranbir wedding. Ranbir hinders Prachi’s marriage and confesses his love. He tells her that he loves her a lot and she can find his true love shining in his eyes. He asks her if she can’t ask her heart if his words are true or not. He tells that he loves her from his heart and soul. Prachi gets emotional. She tells him that he has come late, and now she is someone else’s bride, she is marrying Akshay, and it’s too late for her to change her decision. She tells that her marriage is happening with Akshay. Ranbir tells her that the bride doesn’t have to change the place, but the groom has to change in the mandap. He takes Akshay’s place in the mandap and leaves him angered.

Akshay removes his Pagdi and turns upset. Sahana assists Ranbir and gets the Kumkum. She asks him to fill the Kumkum into Prachi’s hairline. Ranbir fills the Kumkum into Prachi’s hairline and their Bhagya. He tells that it’s her Kumkum Bhagya and will always be of her. Prachi tells that it’s the Kumkum Bhagya of his name. They both smile happily. Aaliya sends her goons to stop Ranbir and Prachi’s wedding. She challenges the Kohlis that she will bring back Ranbir and force him to marry Rhea.


Rhea and Kohlis ask Aaliya to leave, but she stays stern to ruin Ranbir’s union with Prachi. She asks the goon to get into action and pull out Ranbir from the mandap. Ranbir and Prachi’s wedding is filled with twists and turns. It has to be seen if it’s a dream sequence of Prachi or Ranbir. Will Pranbir get married and unite against all odds posed by Rhea, Aaliya, and Akshay? Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya on 5th June 2023.

Kumkum Bhagya 5th June 2023 Written Update Pranbir wedding:

Ranbir tells Prachi that he loves her a lot. Prachi tells that it’s too late now. He tells that it’s not too late, he will fix everything and her marriage didn’t happen with Akshay. She tells that she is about to marry Akshay. He tells that he has stopped the marriage and he will handle everything. She tells that she is someone else’s bride. He tells that just the groom needs to change. Akshay holds her hand and stands in front of Ranbir. He asks what will he do if Ranbir dares to do wrong. He tells that he loves Prachi a lot, and nobody can come between Prachi and him. He asks Ranbir to get out.

Ranbir asks him to leave Prachi’s hand. He yells at Akshay. Akshay refuses to step back. He asks Ranbir to step back and go away from their marriage. Ranbir refuses to listen to his command. He tells that Prachi loves him, and Akshay can’t do anything. Akshay pushes Ranbir. Prachi holds Ranbir and saves him from falling. She leaves Akshay’s hand. Akshay weeps. Prachi tells that she was waiting for this Ranbir, he is the real Ranbir, the one she loved and always admired.

She tells that she had lost this Ranbir and always wanted him back. She calls him her Ranbir. She professes her love for Ranbir. She asks Ranbir not to go anywhere. Akshay asks what is she saying. She tells that her heart and soul belong to her husband Ranbir, and she won’t live without him now. She calls Ranbir her Kumkum Bhagya. She adds that they are inseparable. Sahana hugs them and tells them that she is very happy for them. Ranbir and Prachi hug and get happy. Sahana takes them to the mandap and gives a Kumkum box to Ranbir. Ranbir quickly fills the Kumkum in Prachi’s hairline. Akshay gets dejected and closes his eyes to avoid the sight. Ranbir and Prachi have a moment of love. Prachi cherishes their love. They both cry out of joy.

Ranbir tells that it’s her Kumkum Bhagya and will always be of her. She tells that its of his name. They happily embrace each other. Akshay turns away. Ranbir gets struck with reality. He sees Prachi and Akshay in the mandap. He realizes that he was just dreaming. Aaliya’s goon reaches there and kidnaps Ranbir. Nobody sees Ranbir. Ranbir is taken away from there. Rhea asks Aaliya what did she do. Aaliya asks Rhea if she stopped Dida from slapping her. Rhea asks her not to spoil things. Aaliya asks what can get worse when Ranbir has left Rhea in the mandap. Rhea tells that it’s a big deal, but she loves her family.

Aaliya asks why isn’t her family supporting her. Pallavi arrives and asks them what’s going on. She sees Aaliya and questions her presence. She asks where is Ranbir. Rhea hugs her and weeps. Aaliya tells Pallavi that Ranbir left Rhea and ran away to Prachi once again. Pallavi asks how dare Ranbir does such a thing. She tells that she will bring Ranbir right away. She assures Rhea that Ranbir will marry her. A new vamp enters the track. Ashok’s sister Vishaka makes an entry. She looks wicked. Ashok introduces his elder sister Vishaka. He welcomes her to complete the rituals. Akshay loves her awesome entry. Vishaka tells that she will make Prachi wear the bangles. She performs the rituals.

A guy comes there and apologizes. Abhay introduces himself as Akshay’s cousin. Abhay misses to see Ranbir. Akshay gets a glimpse of Ranbir and asks if Ranbir has come. Prachi gets thinking. Akshay tells that Ranbir would be marrying Rhea at his place. He asks Ashok to check once. Ashok goes to see. Police arrive at Kohli’s mansion. Aaliya tells that Dida has slapped her, so she has filed a complaint against her. She doesn’t want to tolerate any nonsense. She tells that she has self-respect and wants to stand up for herself. She tells that she isn’t like Rhea. She asks the inspector to arrest Dida. Inspector tells that Dida is an elderly lady. Aaliya asks him to see her crime than her age. She creates a scene and gets Dida arrested.

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