Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2023 Written Update Hunt for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2023 Written Update Hunt for Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2023 Written Update Hunt for Preeta. Shaurya spots Palki again. He tells Sandy that Palki is present at the party. Sandy asks Shaurya if is he daydreaming about Palki and seeing her everywhere. Shaurya asks if is he crazy to say so. He tells that he has seen Palki. He asks Sandy to see. He sees her gone and looks for her. Rajveer and Palki get to see each other. She rushes to him. Rajveer asks her what is she doing here. She asks him to shut up and not say a word. She asks if he understands what he is doing. She tells him that they are in tension because of him. She tells that she had to tell Preeta about him when the latter made her swear. Rajveer worries and suspects Preeta around.

Rajveer hides Palki from Shaurya. Shaurya asks Rajveer for water. Rajveer hands over a glass of water to him. Shaurya drinks it and comments on the unusually bad taste. Palki overhears them and finds Shaurya insulting Rajveer. Karan gets hopeful of finding Preeta but doesn’t find her. Preeta is in the Luthra house. Her memory gets triggered and she gets dizzy. Preeta will be seen getting trapped in a fire, while Karan rushes to her rescue and learns that she is alive. Keep reading for a full update on Kundali Bhagya on 5th June 2023.


Kundali Bhagya 5th June 2023 Written Update Hunt for Preeta:

Palki looks for Rajveer and thinks to scold him when she finds him. She sees someone like Preeta. She gets confused. Shaurya sees Palki. Sandy jokes about his craze. Shaurya tells that Palki was there. He doesn’t find her. Sandy tells that she isn’t here. He asks Shaurya did he fall for Palki and started imagining her. Shaurya tells that she was there. Sandy asks where is she and why would she come to Luthra’s mansion. He tells that it’s not possible. Shaurya thinks he is imagining her. Sania asks Shaurya not to imagine Palki, it’s not a good sign, it’s a symptom of love and he will fall for Palki.

Shaurya says he has many options and Palki doesn’t fit the list. He adds that his lover will be someone special and unique. Rajveer checks the lights. He tells the event manager that he knows the work. Shaurya meets them and acts ignorant of Rajveer. He asks Rajveer to get a glass of water for him. The man tells that Rajveer isn’t a waiter. Rajveer says it’s okay, and he will go and get the water. He thinks Shaurya is stupid to give him a chance to enter the house. He plans to roam around in the Luthra house and fulfill his goals. Shaurya wonders why didn’t Rajveer get angry with him.

Nidhi and Karan praise Shaurya and want his good image in the media. Karan looks for Preeta. He thinks where did she go? Nidhi tells that she has dedicated her life to Shaurya. She calls herself the best. Karan tells that Nidhi has handled Shaurya well and she is the reason for his success. He thanks, Nidhi. Karan and Rishabh getaway, while she continues to boast about herself. Rishabh asks Karan why did he walk away. Karan tells that he can’t hear her false praise and lies. He adds that Shaurya doesn’t deserve any praise. Rishabh tells that Karan has changed because Preeta left his life. He misses old Karan. Preeta tries to find Rajveer. Palki meets Rajveer and scolds him for putting his loved ones in trouble.

He tells that Shaurya is coming and asks her to hide for his sake. She tells that she isn’t scared of Shaurya. Shaurya asks Rajveer did he get a glass of water. Rajveer hands over the glass. Palki feels Shaurya is behaving badly with Rajveer, who is tolerating it for her sake. Shaurya spits the water and tells that it tastes bad. He asks him to go and get a fresh glass of water. He makes fun of Rajveer and goes away. Rajveer stops Shaurya from entering the room, where Palki is hiding. He asks the way to the kitchen. Shaurya guides him. Palki thinks Rajveer is stopping Shaurya from spotting her. She runs away from there. Sandy is confused and thinks if Rajveer is a good person or not.

Shaurya tells that Rajveer isn’t good or not, he is useless and a nobody. Sandy tells that Shaurya likes Rajveer’s Maasi. Shaurya denies it. Bani tells Kareena that she feels Preeta is around. Kareena asks did she see Preeta. Bani tells that she didn’t see her, but she can feel it. Soon, they get to see Preeta in front of their eyes. They get shocked. Mahesh asks them why are they surprised. They ask him to just turn and see. He asks who are they looking for. They tell him that Preeta was there. Mahesh is shocked and asks them not to talk like Rakhi. He tells her that they are feeling Preeta because Rakhi has fed those thoughts in their minds. Bani tells that Preeta is really there.

Kareena tells that she has seen Preeta. Mahesh asks why would Preeta hide from them if she was really present, she would have come and told them that she is here. Kareena tells that Bani and Rakhi are emotional, but she is practical and believes what she sees, and she has really seen Preeta in the house. He gets confused. Nidhi gets angry that they started talking of Preeta again. She takes Bani and Kareena with them. She asks them not to talk nonsense about Preeta. She tells that it’s a big day for Shaurya, and they shouldn’t ruin it. She tells that she is very hurt hearing about Preeta. She doesn’t think they care for him. Nidhi tells that Preeta is dead. Bani asks her to shut up.

Nidhi reminds them that Rudra isn’t with them because of Preeta. She tells that Preeta has done wrong with them. She asks them to just enjoy Shaurya’s big day and not bring the past into the present. She wants them to smile. Kareena and Bani hug and cry. Karan asks the waiter about Preeta. He tells that he had seen Preeta with Rajveer, which means that Rajveer knows her. Kritika stops Karan to discuss something important. She asks him to talk to Nidhi once. Karan doesn’t see Rajveer. He tells that he will just talk to Shaurya and come. Nihdi is also shocked to see Preeta in the party. She realizes that the family members were saying the truth. Rishabh asks her why is she appearing shocked. She can’t tell him anything. She thinks he will tell Karan about it, which she doesn’t want. She collides with the event manager and scolds him. Rishabh wonders what is she hiding.


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