Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2023 Written Update Shock for Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2023 Written Update Shock for Ranbir

Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2023 Written Update Shock for Ranbir. Ranbir reaches Prachi and tries to express his feelings. Ranbir’s meeting with Prachi is yet another dream sequence. Aaliya catches Ranbir before Prachi could see him walking behind her. Ranbir is stunned to see Aaliya in Prachi’s house. He tries to get free, but she doesn’t leave him free. She overpowers him and drags him out of everyone’s sight. She faints Ranbir and takes him away. She sees Prachi and Akshay coming and hides Ranbir in a room. She ties up Ranbir, who gains consciousness. Ranbir hears Prachi’s voice and struggles to reach her.

Later, Prachi speaks to Akshay. She gets back into her ego high and tells Akshay that they will act as they have planned, they will get married because she wants to marry him. Ranbir overhears their conversation. He is shocked to know Prachi’s decision of marrying Akshay. Will Prachi side her ego and get to see Ranbir’s true efforts in winning her love? Will Prachi and Ranbir unite for the sake of their love and their daughter Khushi, or get separated by Aaliya’s conspiracies? Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2023.


Kumkum Bhagya 9th June 2023 Written Update Shock for Ranbir:

Ranbir sees Prachi and thinks she get married by now. He calls her out. Prachi is shocked to see Ranbir. She thinks she is just imagining him. She doesn’t want to imagine Ranbir. She doesn’t stop and goes away. He gets upset. He is relieved that she didn’t get married yet. He follows her. Aaliya reaches him and kidnaps him once again by fainting him in time. She tells that she will not let him meet Prachi. She disappears Ranbir. Ashok doesn’t see Ranbir and Aaliya. Aaliya angrily slaps Ranbir. She tells that he can’t break Rhea’s heart, he will never get Prachi and he has to marry Rhea.

She wants Ranbir to do what she wants. She tells that he will have no choice but to obey her. She wishes to kill him but spares his life just for Rhea’s sake. She ties up Ranbir. She tells that she will not let him stop Prachi and Akshay’s marriage. Prachi and Akshay sit in the mandap. Vishaka asks the pandit to start the marriage rituals. Prachi thinks of Ranbir. Akshay stops the pandit and tells that he wants to talk to Prachi before starting the next rasam.

Vishaka and everyone ask him the matter. He tells that everything is okay, he just wants to talk to Prachi and come. He leaves the mandap and takes Prachi with him. The family wonders what’s going on. Ashok tells Vishaka that there is nothing to worry. Vishaka asks if she will create a mess in Akshay’s marriage. She doesn’t like the happenings. She asks him to understand that she has life’s experience more than him. She limits Akshay’s mom from talking in between. Aaliya hides Ranbir. She apologizes to tie him up but she has no other option. She hears some footsteps and hides behind a sofa.

She sees Prachi and Akshay. Akshay asks Prachi to look at herself, she is completely lost and it appears that she is forced to marry. He feels guilty. Aaliya shuts the cupboard. Prachi tells that its not true. Akshay tells that she looks much worried and he already spoke to Ashok about it. She tells that he knows the reason for their marriage. He tells that he felt this reason is enough, but now he doesn’t think the same. Prachi tells that she wants to marry him, and they will get married today. Ranbir gets conscious and overhears them. Aaliya wishes Ranbir heard Prachi at this time and stopped getting mad for her. Sahana comes to ask Prachi is everything fine. Prachi replies with a yes.

Akshay tells that he will marry Prachi. They both hold hands and leave the room. Sahana doesn’t see Ranbir held captive. Ranbir thinks he can’t help when Prachi wants to marry Akshay. His courage breaks down. Akshay tells Vishaka that there is no problem now. Ashok asks Vishaka not to worry, when everything is okay. Vishaka compliments Akshay and Prachi’s sweet pairing. She tells that their children will be very beautiful. Aaliya goes out to the wedding hall. She sees Dadi and Sahana, and turns away. Sahana gets suspicious and follows her. Prachi’s words echo in Ranbir’s ears.

He tries to free himself from the ropes. He escapes, but decides to not stop the marriage if Prachi doesn’t care for him. He thinks to leave, but stops when his heart stops him. He can’t lie to his heart about his feelings for Prachi. His heart asks him to side his ego and just stop Prachi’s marriage, knowing he can’t live without Prachi. He tells that its not too late, if he doesn’t act in time, then he will regret a lot. Ranbir gets helpless to his heart.

He tells that Prachi can’t become of anyone else, and he wants to live with her. He decides to stop the marriage. He fears that she will reject his love in front of everyone and go ahead with the marriage with Akshay. He thinks to bring Prachi aside and talk to her clearly. He plans to create a situation that Prachi leaves the mandap herself. He comes up with an idea. He takes a disguise to meet Prachi.


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