1 emotional peak in Anupama hints new twist

1 emotional peak in Anupama hints new twist

1 emotional peak in Anupama hints new twist. Dimpy tells that Samar and she deserve a good room because they are newlyweds. She asks the family why are they getting Pakhi’s room. She tells that they have no problem adjusting there, but they need some space to keep their stuff. She asks Pakhi to vacate her room. She tells that she also emptied her room in the Kapadia mansion. Pakhi reminds us that Dimpy was just a guest in the Kapadia mansion. Dimpy taunts that Pakhi had missed her brother’s wedding. Pakhi calls Dimpy responsible for her leaving. Samar realizes his helplessness. He can’t take the side of his sister or wife. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone and stays silent.

Kinjal supports Pakhi. Pakhi tells that she left the wedding because Dimpy invited Anuj and Maya home. Kinjal tells that Pakhi deserves a room in her Maayka. She asks Dimpy to change her room if she has a problem. She offers her room to Dimpy. Paritosh tells that they can’t adjust in any other room. He has an attachment to his room. Kinjal tells that they have to leave the room for the family’s sake. Samar asks her to keep the room. Paritosh asks Kinjal not to try. Dimpy calls them selfish and stubborn. She taunts that no marriage stays intact in their family. Vanraj asks her to think before speaking.


Pakhi gets angry with Dimpy, but Kinjal stops the former. Dimpy asks Kinjal to give a room to Samar and her. Kinjal is ready to leave her room. Dimpy reminds Paritosh that he cheated on Kinjal. She crosses the line. On the other hand, Anupama wants to move on and not stop midway. She tells that she will not stop for anyone this time. She encourages herself to keep going. She comes across Anuj. She tells that she will not let Anuj come between her dreams. Vanraj rages and warns Dimpy. He asks her to stay as his daughter, not his mother. Anuj requests Anupama to meet him once before leaving. Keep reading.


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