Anupama Vanraj bravo move becomes an attraction

Anupama Vanraj bravo move becomes an attraction

Anupama Vanraj bravo move becomes an attraction. Anupama 2nd September 2023 Written Update. Anupama is suggesting that Leela has the right to be angry at Kavya, but shouldn’t take out her fury on the innocent baby. She points out that the mistake was committed by Kavya, not the child. Anupama brings up Ankush and Romil’s situation as an example of how elders are responsible for their actions, while the burden is placed on the children. She points out that Leela had always taught to instill good values in children through reading religious texts and wonders what values she could give this child now.

Anupama inquires Kavya if she wants to share anything. She responds that making the mistake was her weakest point and admits she was wrong, to which Paritosh remarks that her not disclosing it to the family and participating in all the ceremonies. Kavya explains that she was unwilling to hurt them as she still loves Vanraj immensely. Kavya declares her love and admits that she could not bring herself to lie. She adds that Vanraj would have been delighted to discover the baby was his, and everything would have remained the same. She is aware that sentiment based on deceit does not last, and has come to take responsibility for her wrongdoings. She believes that people who do wrong should be prepared to accept the consequences.


Leela informs Anupama that no matter what, Kavya won’t get any form of retribution here. She also adds that Kavya is cunningly asking for forgiveness and Anupama is making the excuse that all children are the same. Leela continues, claiming they can only raise their kids and not neighbors, so this child isn’t theirs, but she won’t as she needs a family, this one not needing her. Kavya pleads to stop it. Leela tries to throw Kavya out, but Anupama stops her by taking hold of her hand and apologizing. She admits that Kavya was wrong, but also points out that as a woman she can understand the situation as Kavya is pregnant and needs someone to look after her. Anupama suggests that if she has to cope with being alone in the future, then first she should learn how to manage it, and proposes allowing her to stay in her house.

Vanraj fiercely declares that Kavya will not be going anywhere. Leela questions his sanity and suggests that if he wants to adopt a child, he should go to an orphanage. He passionately states that the wrongs he’s done in life have been his punishment and this is his way of atonement. Anupama allowed him to walk away without harboring resentment towards him, so why can’t he do the same for Kavya? His love for her is strong and unwavering.

Vanraj remarks that he does not comprehend the concepts of modernism and feminism like Anupama and Anuj. He simply follows what his heart is telling him: accept Kavya and their baby. Anupama is pleased with this, and Vanraj himself was hesitant at first, believing blood ties were everything until he saw the strong bond between Anu, Anuj, and Anupama. Kinjal then enquires if Vanraj will pardon Kavya for her deceit. To which Vanraj responds saying it’s customary for women to forgive their spouse throughout their marriage. After all that, he decides to forgive her.


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