Barsatein 13th September 2023 Written Update Reyansh’s shocker

Barsatein 13th September 2023 Written Update Reyansh's shocker

Barsatein 13th September 2023 Written Update Reyansh’s shocker. Aradhana and Reyansh arrive at the shop where Angad and Kimaya had purchased items. Aradhana notices the phones left in the dustbin and is left wondering where Angad took Kimaya. Reyansh then contacts someone to seek information on possible hotels nearby, which makes Aradhana livid. He concludes that Angad must have taken her to one of those places. As he takes her along, he teases her for being so judgmental. This leads to Aradhana making a sharp retort about Reyansh’s nature. Malini weeps, while Viren scrambles to find Kimaya. Naresh taunts the Khanna family, believing Angad will take revenge.

His words spark an unexpected response from Komal, who lunges at the man, leaving everybody astonished. Kriti lauds her act and Reyansh then requests Aradhana to feign they are staying in a motel for a few hours, and apply makeup. She refuses initially but eventually gives in after further insistence from Reyansh.


Kimaya doesn’t feel secure in their hotel room, so she asks to go home but Angad persuades her to stay for a night. Aradhana and Reyansh manage to gain access to the premises by fooling the receptionist, who incidentally gave them a valuable hint as to where the couple was staying. Reyansh and Aradhana look for Angad and Kimaya, but when a power cut occurs it brings them nearer. Panicking about the safety of Kimaya, Aradhana ignores Reyansh’s counsel and sets off to look for her by herself. Not wanting Angad to sense her being there and thus putting Kimaya’s life at risk, Reyansh chases after her.

Angad brings Kimaya to the terrace and reveals his true motive, leaving her stunned. Her cries for help are heard by Aradhana and Reyansh, who hastily arrive there. They both attempt to make Angad leave her but he refuses. When Aradhana attempts to rescue Kimaya, Angad holds her captive and says that if Kimaya dies, Aradhana will be spared. He also tells Kimaya that in order to protect Aradhana’s life, she should jump off the terrace. The two plead their cases while Aradhana is left stunned by the suggestion.


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