Keh Doon Tumhein 13th September 2023 Highlights

Keh Doon Tumhein Upcoming Vikrant falls for Kirti

Keh Doon Tumhein 13th September 2023 Highlights. Vikrant rescues Kirti from Inspector Jadhav and takes her to his house. When he finds out that Kirti has gone back to the crime spot to return the evidence, he is determined to kill her. Bitterly, Kirti confides in Madhuri and Aau who manage to lift her spirits. Vikrant then talks with a photo frame of his friend Rohit that Puru notices and questions him about it. To Vikrant’s surprise, Kirti comes in too and is charmed seeing the young photograph of him. Subsequently, she departs for Anjali’s residence to visit her parents.

Vikrant tailing Kirti to Anjali’s abode, a man sneaks into his house and steals some items. After entering Anjali’s parent’s place, Kirti notices a man’s shirt and suggests they could use it to track her boyfriend, leaving Vikram anxious. In the upcoming episode, footprints will be spotted inside his home which stirs further concern as he can’t locate his necklace. He will then aim for answers from Rohit’s picture. Vikrant is determined to hold the thief accountable for his misdeeds and, spotting a CCTV camera gets an idea. He sees the man who took the necklace. Everyone then takes part in a puja with Madhuri pointing out that Vikrant has feelings for Kirti. Both exchange glances with Kirti wearing a gentle smile as she focuses on the ritual. How long can Vikrant conceal his true identity from those around him? Keep reading.


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