Keh Doon Tumhein New Promo Kirti challenges Vikrant

Keh Doon Tumhein New Promo Kirti challenges Vikrant

Keh Doon Tumhein New Promo Kirti challenges Vikrant. Bittu lashes out at Ganesh, accusing him of pilfering a costly necklace from Vikrant’s home. Despite their insistence that he had not taken the item, it was discovered that there was an unusual necklace connected to artificial plaiting in the box so he maintained his innocence. He desperately begged Vikrant to spare him and when a call came in for the Kuldevi puja, Vikrant left with instructions for Ganesh to wait. Ritu’s room is filled to the brim with pictures of Vikrant. She tells Vikrant that he looked even more gorgeous today, and she gets so annoyed when other girls in the class gush over him – after all, he belongs solely to her! She plants a kiss on his photo on the wall.

Shreyas examines the box with Anjali’s items and opens it, discovering a photograph and considering his father finding the same arm ornament that is inside. Ganesh keeps saying he has discarded the accessory; Vikrant had killed twelve women with his own hands and crafted that plait necklace using their hair. Ganesh strives to free himself using the candle that’s there. Kirti is left alone while Vikrant gazes at her. He sets fire to the rope binding his hands and enquires of Kirti if she has any fear of the dark, as he is scared of it. All will give Kirti a hard time for charming Vikrant. He’ll be taken aback when he sees Ganesh in the fair to go to the police and rescue himself.


Vikrant plays safe. He counters Ganesh and takes him aside. He pushes Ganesh down the stairs and kills him. Ganesh falls near Kirti and Puru. Kirti screams seeing him. The incident shocked the people of Panchghati. Kirti consoles a terrified Puru. Vikrant tries to sympathize with Kirti. He says that she has come for Anjali, but she is witnessing the bad incidents in the town. He asks her not to worry. Kirti says that the culprit will worry now because she will unmask the culprit and get him punished. She unknowingly challenges Vikrant.


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