Barsatein New entry to trip Aradhna Reyansh love story

Barsatein New entry to trip Aradhna Reyansh love story

Barsatein New entry to trip Aradhna Reyansh love story. Viren is on the phone with his friend Khurana, who tells him about the upcoming media expo in Mussoorie. Viren expresses his concerns to Aradhana about competing against Khurana. Aradhana proposes bringing Reyansh along, which could be advantageous. During a meeting with Reyansh and Aradhana, Malini interrupts and suggests Viren take her and their daughters to Mussoorie too. Although Viren declines, Malini and their daughters manage to persuade him to take them with him. Vikram and Sunaina express their concerns over the altercation between Reyansh and Viren.

Vikram trusts that Reyansh will be able to handle the matter. As they prepare to depart for Mussoorie, Vikram voices his grievances to Reyansh regarding his upcoming visit with a friend from abroad. He equates this friend to a storm and gives a cautionary reminder. Reyansh invites Aradhana to join him on his trip, but she staunchly sticks to her plan of going with Viren. This irritates Reyansh, prompting him to depart for Mussoorie accompanied by the Khanna sisters. However, their constant bickering annoys him. Frustrated, he captures a reel of Kiki and Koko’s arguments. In the meantime, Kimaya apologizes to Reyansh for her siblings’ behavior. Viren requests Aradhana to join Reyansh on their car ride.


Although initially upset, Aradhana agrees. As they travel, Reyansh gently reminds her of her mission to find her mother and mentions the letter she had written. However, Aradhana soon realizes that she doesn’t have the letter with her and vents her frustration towards Reyansh. Aradhana accuses Reyansh and orders him to halt the car. He complies. As she flees from the men chasing her, a car pulls up and a man steps out in front of Aradhana. Naagin 6 and Shakti actor Simba Nagpal is all set to enter Barsatein – Mausam Pyaar Ka.


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