Titlie Megha plays evil Garv Titlie to part ways

Titlie Megha plays evil Garv Titlie to part ways

Titlie Megha plays evil Garv Titlie to part ways. Titlie finishes decorating the entire room, hoping that after all the previous misunderstandings, they can finally begin anew. Paresh praises Jayshree for being not only a good wife but also a good daughter-in-law, and reminds her not to let anyone criticize her. As Titlie walks past Megha’s room, she is taken aback when she sees Garv embracing her. Taking Megha’s side, Garv tells Titlie they should go their separate ways, leaving Titlie in shock. Meanwhile, Dhara feels betrayed and cries over misunderstanding Chintu and Drishti. Garv then confesses to Titlie that he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, but rather with Megha as she is the one meant for him.

He urges Titlie to leave the house and start a new life, so that he can also start afresh with Megha. Koel overhears everything and scolds Garv while Maina is happy with his decision. In the end, Garv drags Titlie out of the house with him. Koel shares that Titlie has deep feelings for Garv, causing Maina discomfort and Garv concern. Maina reassures Garv that she is attempting to clarify things, while Koel urges him to move on and reprimands Megha.


She reminds them that their Devimaa will be visiting tomorrow and they do not want to lose their fortune. Garv takes Titlie out, but Koel intervenes, pleading with him not to dismiss her as she is part of their family now. Despite Maina’s objections, their Devimaa does not want Titlie living in the house and orders her to leave. Garv arranges for a driver to take Titlie home, who leaves in tears. Koel plans to declare that Titlie will not leave until Navratri. Titlie will confront Garv and demand the truth from him. She informs him that she will only believe his words if she witnesses him and Megha getting engaged. Megha confirms their readiness to become engaged.


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