Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2023 Written Update Big twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2023 Written Update Big twist

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2023 Written Update Big twist. Kiran receives a call from Malishka who warns her that Rishi’s life is in danger if she discloses any information or tries to intervene. Kiran opts to apologize to Rishi and Lakshmi for her previous behavior instead of helping Rishi. As they depart, Malishka calls Kiran and instructs her to return home immediately while Lakshmi suspects Kiran has something else to say. While traveling towards an alternative route due to road closure, Lakshmi spots a motorcyclist. The biker tosses a note into the car challenging Rishi to race him or lose Lakshmi to him, causing Rishi’s anger to flare up.

With a sly smile on her face, Malishka goads Rishi into accepting the challenge and he begins chasing the biker while Lakshmi pleads with him to stop. Eventually, they end up at a cliff where Lakshmi begs Rishi to halt as the biker drives away. Convinced it is a trap, Lakshmi tries warning Rishi but Malishka rams their car behind with her truck, pushing them closer to the edge of the cliff. The car falls down the cliff. Sonal’s worry intensifies at the thought of Malishka harming Rishi and Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Malishka’s heart is filled with contentment as she watches the car sink into the river and drives away in her truck, believing that her revenge has been successfully carried out.


Unbeknownst to her, Rishi and Lakshmi are clinging onto branches on a cliff, desperately trying to avoid falling into the water below. As they struggle to climb up the slope, Lakshmi checks in on Rishi’s well-being and he reassures her before asking about hers. With positive responses exchanged, they continue their treacherous journey back up. Rishi urges Lakshmi to be careful and becomes even more anxious when she slips, but she manages to grab onto a crack in the rock.

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2023 Written Update Big twist:

Malishka is overjoyed as she drives her truck, colliding with Rishi’s car. Rishi yells for Lakshmi to jump while Malishka smirks in triumph as the car plunges off the cliff. Meanwhile, Kiran and Sonal are on their way to help Rishi, realizing that Malishka is plotting against them by driving a larger vehicle. Kiran becomes increasingly worried, while Sonal believes Malishka has already caused the accident. However, Malishka is content with herself, knowing that Rishi can now be with Lakshmi forever. A flashback reveals Malishka giving money to a man to manipulate Rishi into taking the route towards the cliff. As the flashback ends, Malishka attempts to reverse her truck but instead unintentionally accelerates. She squeezes her eyes shut and slams on the brake in panic.

As the truck fails to get back, she becomes increasingly concerned for her safety. Unable to contact Sonal due to poor network, she stretches out her arm in hopes of catching a signal. To her dismay, her phone slips from her grasp, causing her to curse Lakshmi for being the cause of everything in Malishka’s mind. Meanwhile, Rishi and Lakshmi dangle precariously off a cliff, gripping onto a rock for dear life. Though Rishi attempts to rescue Lakshmi, she insists on staying put, afraid of what may happen. At that moment, Malishka overhears their voices and laments their survival when they were meant to die. Meanwhile, at the Oberoi house, Harleen expresses her longing for Rishi and Lakshmi’s return as they bring light and joy into their home. Virender assures his mother that he has a plan involving the family doctor that will bring their children back safely.

Ayush receives a call from their staff, who is waiting to pick up Rishi and Lakshmi. They inform him that Rishi’s sir’s phone is off, which makes Ayush suspicious as Rishi should have been at the airport by now. Meanwhile, Malishka hesitates to get down from her truck, unable to find a flat surface. She attempts to reverse the truck once more. At the Oberoi House, Virender pretends to have had a stroke when Neelam rushes in, worried. She calls for the doctor while Virender secretly hopes his act will bring RishMi back home. Karishma also joins them just as the doctor arrives and reassures Neelam that there is nothing to worry about.

Virender subtly winks at the doctor and tells Neelam she called him just in time. As they reach the cliff, Rishi urges Lakshmi to hold on tighter as he approaches her from below. However, Lakshmi voices her pain and struggles to cling to the rock edge. Determined to save her, Rishi pushes her up so she can climb on top of him before following suit himself. As Malishka reaches the edge of the cliff, Lakshmi’s hand is already at the top. Rishi stands by, ready to assist her.

Despite Lakshmi’s initial slip on the tree branch, Rishi manages to pull her up with one hand while holding onto the branch with the other. He assures her that he won’t let anything happen to her. As Lakshmi continues her climb, Malishka approaches on foot and becomes enraged upon seeing them on the slope. Once Lakshmi reaches the top, she is startled to see a furious Malishka accusing her of attempted murder. As Malishka threatens to stomp on Lakshmi’s hands, she desperately holds on, knowing that falling off the cliff is a real possibility.


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