Bhagya Lakshmi 4th November 2023 Written Update Lakshmi escapes

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd December 2023 Written Update Dragging drama

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th November 2023 Written Update Lakshmi escapes. As Malishka thinks about the situation in the hospital store room, she becomes increasingly restless. Kiran cautions her against her bloodlust, but Malishka insists that she won’t be satisfied until Lakshmi is dead. Despite Kiran’s warning of potential legal consequences, Malishka remains adamant about her plan to eliminate Lakshmi to be with Rishi. She sees her continued evasion of capture as a sign from God and believes that Rishi’s growing awareness of her presence is a sign of their destined relationship. However, Kiran points out that Lakshmi seems to have divine protection due to her multiple escapes from Malishka’s attempts on her life.

Undeterred, Malishka maintains that she and Rishi are meant to be together, and is determined to make her dream of marrying him a reality. Sonal accuses Malishka of behaving like a lunatic, to which Malishka responds that her obsession for Rishi knows no bounds. She declares that she will stop at nothing until she ruins Lakshmi, but Kiran warns that their relationship will be severed if Malishka leaves the room. With a dismissive gesture, Malishka tells Kiran to do as she pleases and exits, leaving Kiran in tears as she prays to God for Rishi to be with Malishka.


Meanwhile, Ayush shows people Lakshmi’s picture and receives a call from Shalu asking for updates. Ayush admits he may have spotted Lakshmi earlier but has lost track of the tempo driver, causing Shalu distress. A woman recognizes Lakshmi in a photo and mentions to Ayush that she saw her walking on the roads, adding that she seemed unharmed. Later, Virendra returns home and is confronted by Neelam who inquires about Rishi’s whereabouts and why he hasn’t returned home with his injuries. Virendra informs her that Lakshmi has not been found yet, prompting Neelam to express her concern only for Rishi and disregard what may have happened to Lakshmi.

Neelam, says that Lakshmi left Rishi on her own accord and will not be coming back because she doesn’t love him. However, Virendra believes that Lakshmi has been kidnapped and when Neelam questions whether they received a ransom call, he contacts Shalu to confirm if any such call had come through. Unfortunately, there were no calls concerning Lakshmi’s disappearance as Neelam persists in believing that she left willingly and won’t return. As the sun sets, Rishi grows increasingly anxious while searching for Lakshmi. Suddenly, he spots her standing in the middle of the road and excitedly calls out her name. However, as another car approaches her, she remains still despite Rishi’s desperate shouts.

The car hits her and a bewildered Rishi rushes out of his car to search for her. To his surprise, it was all just in his mind and he ended up getting beaten up by the owners of the car he hit. As Ayush looks around, his face lights up at the sight of something he finds regretful for letting go of the tempo driver earlier. Malishka considers where she might locate Lakshmi as she overhears a police officer discussing locating the woman who had previously left the hospital. She then decides to pose as Lakshmi’s friend to gain information about her whereabouts.


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