GHKKPM 7th November 2023 Written Update Birthday twist

GHKKPM 7th November 2023 Written Update Birthday twist

GHKKPM 7th November 2023 Written Update Birthday twist. Savi wonders why Ashwini ended the call on her birthday. Perhaps Bhavani is with her, but it’s Savi’s special day and she won’t let Ashwini get away with not answering her call. Thankfully, Ashwini calls back. Savi questions why she first disconnected the video call and now only made a voice call. In response, Ashwini explains that there is a network issue where she is and suggests they use voice calling instead. She then takes the opportunity to wish Savi a happy birthday and asks how she is doing.

Sadly, Savi admits she’s not feeling great since they’re not together to celebrate. Ashwini encourages her to imagine their presence and take their blessings. After receiving them, Savi requests to speak with Ninad. But Ashwini informs her that he’s out with Bhavani and will be home later in the evening. She then ends the call, determined to join Savi for her birthday celebrations. Savi misses all of them. Isha makes the excuse of network issues before wishing her a happy birthday to Savi. Savi ponders what is happening today as she returns to her friends and reviews her presentation.


They surprise her with birthday wishes but she requests them not to share it with anyone else. As Durva passes by, Savi gives her instructions for the upcoming annual festival. However, Durva tries to belittle her. Preeti steps in and questions why Durva always has an issue with Savi. In turn, Durva humiliates Preeti as well. Savi urges her friends to ignore Durva and focus on their task at hand. Ishaan arrives with Shukla and asks if Savi is ready for the presentation, to which she confirms.

Ishaan then instructs Shukla to call everyone in for the meeting. Shantanu calls Isha to check on her whereabouts, but she requests for some extra time. He reminds her that the presentation will be ending soon and urges her to arrive before that. Isha tells him not to direct his frustration towards her as she is stuck in traffic. Shantanu advises her to remain calm and hangs up the call. Meanwhile, Isha mentions to Ashwini that everyone seems to be in a rush. At the same time, Shukla informs Shantanu about Ishaan’s call asking for his location at the auditorium.

When Shantanu reveals that both Isha and Ashwini are running late, Ishaan expresses his anger towards him. Ishaan makes a surprise plan and starts engaging Savi in it, without letting her know about it. Ishaan requests Savi to begin her presentation, following which he suggests that they conclude the meeting with Bappa’s prayers. He then turns to Shukla, asking him to fetch Bappa’s idol. However, Shukla explains that he had forgotten to bring it. Navya suggests that they use an idol from Savi’s hostel room instead. Ishaan then asks Savi if she could retrieve the idol for them.

Along with her friends, Savi heads back to her hostel room but is unable to find the idol as it was missing. She discovers a note with a puzzle and realizes that it leads to the location where she had lost the idol on her first day of college. Navya suggests they hurry and quietly video calls Ishaan, showing him their little treasure hunt through Savi’s eyes. He gets pleased that his plan is working. Shantanu questions Ishaan about why he is putting Savi through all this running around. Ishaan responds that the surprise he has planned will help Savi forget her struggles. He just wants a genuine smile on Savi’s face. Shantanu then asks what explanation he will offer to their family when they discover the birthday party for Savi was organized by him.

Ishaan thinks and then replies that he will tell them it was an act of repentance for always misunderstanding Savi. As Savi hurries towards Shantanu’s office, she encounters Harini on the way. She joyously hugs Harini and wonders how she managed to enter without permission. Harini dismisses her concerns and hands her a note which instructs her to go to another location. Upon arrival, Savi is astonished to find Isha waiting for her. Overcome with excitement, Savi embraces her and asks why she didn’t answer her video call earlier as she was traveling to Pune. Isha reveals that he had some business in Pune and took the opportunity to surprise her for her birthday. He then gives her another note telling her where to go next. Savi enjoys the treasure hunt and really forgets her problems for a while, all thanks to Ishaan.


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