GHKKPM 12th November 2023 Written Update Savi reacts

GHKKPM 12th November 2023 Written Update Savi reacts

GHKKPM 12th November 2023 Written Update Savi reacts. Ishaan questions Savi’s relationship with Bajirao, but Savi scolds him for misunderstanding the situation. Samarth notices Durva’s purse and assumes she left it intentionally, so he gives it to her. As Samarth goes outside, he sees Ishaan pointing fingers at someone, but Savi is not there. Meanwhile, Ishaan tells Savi to leave and she does, then Samarth gives Ishaan Durva’s purse. Shantanu slowly walks out of the house, prompting Isha to break out of her meditation and ask if he’s going to see Ishaan. Shantanu confirms and Isha reminds him to be gentle with his brother.

Curious about Ishaan’s abrupt departure from the party, Shantanu inquires about the money he noticed in his hand. Ishaan explains that it was given to him by Savi and she had requested him not to interfere in her affairs. Frustrated with Savi’s lack of appreciation, Ishaan shares how he had attempted to help her but she refused. As Shantanu and Ishaan observe two girls struggling to pay their bill due to poor network connectivity, Shantanu offers his assistance. However, the girls awkwardly decline and Shantanu returns to Ishaan who questions his actions. Using this incident as an example, Shantanu suggests that perhaps Savi did not need his help but he still chose to intervene, causing harm to her self-esteem.


Shantanu says that Savi is a simple girl who values small gestures over lavish parties. He mentions that Savi was disappointed when Ishaan didn’t meet her friends Ashwini and Harini, and this prompted Ishaan to ask why Bajirao was invited by Savi’s friend. Shantanu explains that he personally extended the invitation to Bajirao. This news surprises Ishaan, but Shantanu questions why it’s an issue if Savi and Bajirao are dating. Ishaan then reveals that he has to go shopping for Durva’s engagement, which catches Shantanu off guard as Nishikant had not informed him. In response, Shantanu expresses his happiness for Durva. As he walks away from the cafe, Ishaan sympathizes with him.

Savi becomes frustrated with Ishaan, but upon noticing the gifts, she chooses to unwrap them. This leads her to open Ishaan’s present and discover an Economics book and a card tucked inside. As Savi reads the card, she feels motivated to pursue her goals, causing her to comment that Ishaan is a complex individual. Seeing Ishaan in need of help, Yashwant approaches him and asks how he is doing. Ishaan responds positively and then requests Durva to prepare for a shopping outing.

Surekha requests Yashwant to reach out to the singer, causing Ishaan to mention he will contact Santosh when Surekha reprimands the family for not fulfilling their responsibilities. Despite Ishaan’s efforts, he is unsuccessful in convincing Surekha and ends up contacting Santosh, who declines due to his mother’s illness. In a turn of events, Santosh suggests that Ishaan reach out to Harini instead. This prompts Ishaan to consult with the family about this possibility, as Savi is not well-liked by everyone. However, when Surekha enters and agrees with Ishaan’s decision, Yashwant disagrees with it. Surkehka then shares her perspective and assures Yashwant that they will handle Harini’s involvement.


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