GHKKPM 15th November 2023 Written Update Ishaan’s confession

GHKKPM 15th November 2023 Written Update Ishaan's confession

GHKKPM 15th November 2023 Written Update Ishaan’s confession. As Asmita and Avni prepare Durva, Nishi arrives and becomes emotional. Pointing out that Durva is still young, Asmita expresses her belief that it is not yet the right time for her marriage. Nishi agrees, trusting in Surekha’s decision and predicting that Durva will thrive at her future in-laws’ home. Confirming this, Durva lightens the mood. Avni escorts Durva to the engagement venue, where her friends playfully tease and compliment her appearance. Ishaan compliments Durva as well before joining her at the venue. Ayush notices Ishaan drop a box and gives it back to him with Durva’s help. Emotions run high as Durva embraces Ishaan, who playfully teases her afterward.

Surekha then requests Ishaan to call Harini, and she spots Harini arriving with Savi. Seeing Savi at her engagement party upsets Durva, and she becomes determined to confront her. However, Ishaan intervenes and stops Durva from making a scene. Fuming with anger, Durva demands to know why Savi was invited to her special occasion, accusing Ishaan of trying to please her for personal gain. In response, Ishaan assures Durva that Savi has come solely to support her sister Harini. But Durva is not convinced and argues that Savi is an attention-seeking troublemaker who will ruin their celebration just for the spotlight.


She continues to argue with Ishaan, even questioning if he gave Savi a gift as a bribe. Setting the record straight, Ishaan explains that there is no ulterior motive behind inviting Savi; she is simply there as a supportive guest. Upon noticing Isha’s dizziness, Shantanu offers his assistance. She explains that her late medication caused the dizziness. Despite her insistence that she can manage on her own, Shantanu refuses to leave her in this state. Similarly, Yashwant tasks Surekha with managing the situation and she consoles Durva by suggesting that giving a chance to a new singer may bring them blessings.

GHKKPM 15th November 2023 Written Update Ishaan’s confession:

Surekha informs Harini that Ishaan had disclosed the details of her situation, which is why they requested her presence here in hopes of providing some assistance. Harini’s mind immediately races back to unpleasant memories and she becomes restless as others begin to speculate why she isn’t singing. Savi approaches her and assures Harini that she will be singing for herself today, not for anyone else. Encouraged, Harini delivers a spectacular performance, earning thunderous applause from the audience. Yashwant discovers that Shantanu won’t be able to attend the party due to Isha’s illness. This angers him as he feels Shantanu still hasn’t prioritized properly. Soon after, Surekha asks Ishaan to tend to a visiting family who have come with a proposal for him. Savi playfully teases Ishaan about it, prompting him to clarify that he is only doing this to keep his family happy and has no intention of actually getting married.

Savi adds that the girl is safe from his anger radar, to which he reminds her of his role as her teacher. Surekha introduces Ishaan to Revti and he inquires about her qualifications. Revti’s mother informs them that she has graduated but plans to marry into a wealthy family. As Revti holds Ishaan’s hand, she remarks on the unexpected handsomeness of professors. Savi urges those observing the fast to break it once the moon appears. Suddenly, a waiter bumps into Revti who becomes irate and starts yelling. Savi steps in to help by offering her a paper towel. Meanwhile, Reeva gazes at the snowy landscape and yearns for Ishaan’s company so she can properly end her fast.

As Revti pushes Savi, Ishaan quickly intervenes and they all catch a glimpse of themselves in the moonlit water. Meanwhile, Isha suggests that Shantanu attend the function, but he expresses concern about her high blood pressure. Isha reassures him that she is fine and urges him to go, to which he responds by saying that she is like family and promises to bring her medication. At the event, Harini receives compliments for her beautiful singing while Savi joins in for a hug. Observing Revti’s luxurious attire, Surekha mentions that she comes from a wealthy family and her lehenga alone costs 5 lakhs, possibly equivalent to Savi’s annual income.

Surekha says that Ishaan cannot marry anyone from Savi’s side of the road. Savi reminds her that this is a marriage, not a business transaction. Harini approaches Surekha and inquires about her thoughts on the program. Surekha responds that while they usually invite world-class musician Santosh every year, she had to make an exception this time due to Ishaan’s insistence on having an “incompetent” like Harini perform. She advises Harini not to get her hopes up for future years as they have a reputation to uphold. Harini becomes emotional as Nishi and Surekha continue to belittle her, but she understands their perspective. Ishaan tells Savi that he will recommend Harini to everyone and has now kept all his promises to her.


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