YRKKH 7th July 2024 Written Update Akshara's revelation

YRKKH 7th July 2024 Written Update Akshara’s revelation

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YRKKH 7th July 2024 Written Update Akshara’s revelation. Armaan’s concern for Madhav and Abhira consumes him. Fortunately, Ruhi is there to offer her support when Armaan stumbles. Overcome with emotion, Armaan confides in Ruhi about his worries for Madhav. The doctor then suggests a blood test. In the meantime, Abhira asks Aryan to fetch some water for her. Despite Charu’s reluctance, Abhira persuades her to let her go help Madhav. However, Charu refuses to budge as she fears for the family’s well-being. Confused by Charu’s actions, Abhira questions why she is being stopped when they both know that Charu dislikes her.

In response, Charu clarifies that she doesn’t hate Abhira but is simply considering the family’s best interests. Kaveri intervenes and demands an explanation from Armaan as to why Abhira isn’t donating blood. Armaan reveals that Abhira has health complications, which prevent her from doing so. Frustrated with his preoccupation with Abhira, Kaveri chastises Armaan and blames him for Shivani and Akshara’s deaths. Kaveri warns Armaan to be held accountable for Madhav’s well-being. The nurse shares that Abhira donated blood, while Aryan and Charu are comforted by Abhira not to worry about her.

YRKKH 7th July 2024 Written Update Akshara's revelation

YRKKH 7th July 2024 Written Update:

Fearing Armaan’s reprimand, Aryan is asked by him to leave with Charu. In light of Kaveri’s potential accusations, Abhira urges Armaan to visit Madhav. Grateful for her help, Armaan pledges to take care of Abhira. Manisha inquires with Vidya if she still holds reservations about Abhira and Armaan’s compatibility, but acknowledges her selflessness towards Madhav and Kaveri. Instead, Krish updates Vidya on Madhav’s recovery as she meets with him and promises marriage. Their conversation is interrupted by Vidya’s apology to Abhira for wrongly accusing her, recognizing the love she has spread despite her struggles. Abhira forgives Vidya while Kaveri is taken aback and ponders on the impact of Abhira’s actions.

YRKKH 7th July 2024 Written Update Akshara's revelation

Abhira urges Vidya to consider Madhav, eventually leading to their reunion. She then pleads with the couple to promise that they won’t let anyone come between them. Abhira also requests Madhav to put vermillion in Vidya’s hairline, symbolizing a new beginning for them. An emotional Vidya assures Madhav of her commitment to being a good wife and chooses him over Kaveri. Kaveri, who had been waiting for this reunion, expresses her happiness but is met with resistance from Vidya when she asks to accompany them back home.

YRKKH 7th July 2024 Written Update Akshara's revelation

Despite Kaveri’s rejection, Vidya decides to stick with Madhav at their house and asks for permission for Abhira to enter Poddar’s house from Kaveri. However, her request is denied and she ultimately decides to stay with Madhav while Manoj tries to persuade Kaveri to forgive Abhira. Meanwhile, Akshara remains on Abhira’s mind. Abhira perform a puja for Akshara. Pandit asks her if she is alone. Armaan joins her and tells the pandit that Abhira isn’t alone. Manish also misses Akshara and wishes to see her children once. Manish makes plans to visit her and her children, much to the shock of Abhira. He reaches the temple and finds Armaan and Abhira serving the food to the poor. Will the big revelation eventually happen? Keep reading.

YRKKH 7th July 2024 Written Update Akshara's revelation


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