Pratap battles his inner hatred for Ajabde but continues to worry for Bijolia’s well-being

Ajabde (Baiji Lal) figures out that Pratap aka horse caretaker is a valiant fighter after seeing how he has saved Patta from Afghan soldiers. She informs Hansa Bai of knowing the commander (indirectly referring to Pratap) who will take part in Vidroh against Mewar and lead Bijolia’s army in the fight against Afghans.

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Dare 2 Dance 26th October 2014 Grand Finale, Sanam Johar the Winner – Written Snapshot

Dare 2 Dance Life Ok - Sanam Johar, Winner

Dare 2 Dance is in its Grand Finale stage in the 7th week and Lisa Hayden starts the finale proceedings by giving a dance performance and introduces the 5 daring finalists – Daring Sanam, Emilie, Amar, Mayuri, and Prince.

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Dare 2 Dance with Akshay Kumar 25th October 2014 13th Episode, Semi-final on Life Ok – Written Snapshot

Dare 2 Dance Life Ok

Dare 2 Dance Semi-final week or stage has the ice-skating ring where semi-finalists have to compete and only 4 out of 9 will go into the finals. Akshay (Host, mentor) makes an entry in a Range Rover car and reaches the ice skating station.

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