Thursday, August 16, 2018


High Five spoilers

High Five Spoilers

High Five Spoilers... Savitri Devi: Mishri opens the cupboard in which Sanchi and Veer’s pics are there thinking she might get some info as Veer...
Quick Reads

TR’s Quick Reads

TR's Quick Reads... Roop: Roop requests Ishika to give him a chance. Ishika gives him a chance thinking about his mother. Roop passes in the...
Quick Reads

TR’s Quick Reads

TR's Quick Reads... Piyaa Albela: Supriya falls ill. Pooja tries to rescue Naren. Supriya and Neelima get attacked. They both get bed-ridden. Pooja is...


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Top Hits

Ishqbaaz: Destiny to decide for Shivika’s love union

In Ishqbaaz, Nikhil’s mum asks Shivay to marry Anika if he likes her so much and believes in her honesty. She asks Nikhil not...
Ishq SubhanAllah spoilers

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara to resign from Shariah board

Ishq SubhanAllah is focussing on the Nikaah Halala case. Kabeer and Zara love each other, but they need to respect each other. They realize...
Shivay to fix Nikhil-Anika's marriage

Ishqbaaz: Shivay to fix Nikhil-Anika’s marriage

Shivay asks Anika to live her life as she wants and be free to take her own decisions. Shivay cooks food to engage himself....
Shocking twist in YHM

Shocking twist: Ishita to wake up from the dead in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

The family breaks down with Mrs. Bhalla’s confession that she has poisoned Ishita. The family can’t believe such a shocking twist. Mrs. Bhalla tells...
Shukla insults Krishna

Krishna Chali London: Shukla to open-up Krishna’s past relation

Radhe gets sidelined by Prashant’s coming. Radhe asks Dubey and Bua to return the money to Prashant and send him away. Dubey tells him...

Week's Stunners

Sikandar's promise to Kulfi

Kulfi to earn Sikandar’s big promise in Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala

Sikandar tells Lalwani that he won’t let Amyra sing at this age. Lalwani asks him to decide being Amyra’s father. Amyra meets Tevar. They...
Yeh Rishta spoilers

Kartik and Naira’s painful initiative to break hearts in Yeh Rishta…

In Yeh Rishta....Kartik and Naira convince Mansi and get her back to the mandap, where Mansi and Anmol start off with their marriage rituals....
Angad confronts Pranali

Mayavi Maling: Pranali to rescue Angad from his demonic wife

Pranali tries hard to expose the fake Queen Pranali. She tries all the methods as read in the book. She wants Angad to see...
Pankti to expose Rangoli

Pankti to uncover Rangoli’s lies in Tu Aashiqui

Rangoli manages to fool Ahaan again and take him along to Delhi for their new album launch. Rangoli makes sure that she presents a...
Cute love drama

Kaleerein: More drama in Meera-Vivaan’s love tale

Vivaan gets drunk. Vivaan creates a big drama. He confesses his love to Meera. Meera throws water at him and asks him to come...