Sandhya shocked to see the Police station locked in Diya Aur Baati Hum

Suraj tells Sandhya that everyone is waiting for her. Sandhya takes blessings from Bhabho. Bhabhasaa smiles. Suraj makes Sandhya wear the police cap. He wishes her best on the first day of her duty. Sandhya comes to the Police station and finds it locked. She gets shocked. This is the new challenge for her. Watch the episode on April 26th.

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Astha shocked to see Niranjan’s ugly side in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Astha hears some noise and peeps in Niranjan’s room. She sees Niranjan beating Anjali badly. Niranjan scolds and slaps Anjali for not teaching responsibility to her daughter in law Sojal. Astha says, baba you raised your hand on Sasu bai. Anjali cries. Niranjan says, there is no importance of Maayka after marriage. Astha gets shocked. She says, I won’t let him torture Anjali. She determines to bring Niranjan’s ugly side infront of everyone. Niranjan looks on. Stay tuned to watch the episode on April 26th.

Jagya all set to enter politics in Colors’ Balika Vadhu

Jagya folds his hand and appeals for the votes. His family campaign for him. Jagya is all set to become the politician for the welfare of his villagers. He submits the nomination papers. Dadisaa sees all the qualities of a good politician in him and proposes his name. Jagya refuses at first. Dadisaa convinces him saying he can do it. Jagya agrees for the betterment of Jaitsar. Will Jagya be successful in Politics? Stay tuned to Balika Vadhu.

Ram gets convicted for Sammy’s murder in Sony’s Bade Achhe Lagte Hain


The romantic show Bade Achhe Lagte Hain have witnessed murder of Sammy by Ram’s revolver. Police arrests Ram on the charges of murder. Sammy dies while on the operating table. Before his death Sammy confesses to love Suhani and wishes to live his life with her after divorcing Pihu. Everyone get shocked by Sammy’s revelation. He goes ahead and tells everyone that Suhani is pregnant with his child.

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Soham recovering from Retrograde Amnesia; Bani starts to pretend as Soham’s wife

Soham was critically injured just after his marriage ceremony with Rajji when he tried to protect Bani from the falling ceiling jhoomer that was about to fall on her due to severe lightning and winds. Soham saves Bani’s life but himself gets serious injury. He is rushed to a hospital by Rajji, Veeru Ji, Guggi, Bani and everyone in his family. The doctors suggests that Soham’s recovery hinges on a 24-hr window period that means if he is able to show signs of progress within that time then there will be no danger to his life.

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Shlok goes all out and says – I love you Astha; Astha playing hard to get

Shlok Astha

After much persuasion of Astha who was just wishing to hear – I love you Astha from Shlok finally succeeded. Astha’s last attempt to persuade him was inserting a – ‘I love you Astha’ slide in Shlok’s office presentation slides. Though, at that time in office he read the love message to Astha from the slide directly but didn’t acknowledge in front of his colleagues.

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Confusion over Suresh’s love leads to his engagement with Pragya – Kumkum Bhagya Promo

Kumkum Bhagya Zee

Pragya’s family – Sarla, Bulbul and all, and Suresh’s family wrongly believes that Suresh is in love with Pragya. They couldn’t understand all the efforts Suresh put in for expressing his love for Bulbul such as presenting rose and ring. Suresh is also mistaken that Bulbul has acknowledged his love though actually she didn’t. Until now, only Suresh’s friend is aware of Suresh’s confession of love for Bulbul.

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Star Verdict 20th April 2014 – Bollywood’s Popular Supporting Actors Written Update

Star Verdict Ram Kapoor Boman Irani

Anupama chopra starts the show by first giving her review and verdict on two movies that were released last week – 2 States (directed by Abhishek Verman) and Dekh Tamasha Dekh (directed by Feroz Abbas Khan)

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Kauravas to engage in war against Virat after Keechak’s death; Arjun to defend the attack by defeating Kauravas


Pandavas realize their plan of giving punishment to Keechak for insulting Draupadi by killing him. Bheem fights with Keechak and kills him while taking the help of Arjun (Brihannala) who produces drum sounds and dance to nullify the fight sounds between them. In this way, Bheem kills Keechak with Arjun’s help that made sure Duryodan and Shakuni to arrive late at the fight scene after Keechak’s death.

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